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  1. I'm very happy to have access to the knowledge base on this forum. I have a couple of basic questions. I'm trying to learn. Hope you can bear with me. What is the significance, ( the difference ), between motherboards with 4 Dimm slots, versus motherboards with 8 Dimm slots? Can motherboards with 4 Dimm slots use 4 channel memory, or just 2 channel memory? I believe the 8 Dimm slot motherboards can use 4 channel memory, but are not necessarily required to. Is that right? Why is 2 channel memory sufficient? Not everyone chooses to use 4 channel memory. Right? Does 2 channel memory cause lesser, or downgraded performance specs? For gaming purposes, ( given the current, top-of-the-line hardware that's available today ), what would be most advantageous? 2 channel memory, or 4 channel memory? My leanings are toward Intel, because I'm into flight simulation, ( but most folks regard that as gaming ). I'm not against AMD, however. I just want the fastest possible cpu speed, and not a lot of useless cores and threads. I believe my current flight simulation software is not written in a format that interacts with the multiple-cores of cpus. So a single core cpu, ( or a cpu with only a few cores ), is just fine for flight simulation. Just last week, Microsoft announced a newly refreshed version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is about to be released. I have no idea how the new software will be written, and whether it will make use of multi-core cpus in ways that the current software does not. Thanks so much for taking your time, to answer my rudimentary questions. Your answers and info will help me a lot. Thanks.