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  1. Existencex

    Ryzen 3000 thermals

    i only offset it -.100 and don’t seem to lose a lost in performance at all and lose about 10c of heat on all cores
  2. Existencex

    Ryzen 3000 thermals

    ive used both core temp and ryzen master
  3. Existencex

    Ryzen 3000 thermals

    i sent you a message if you wouldn’t mind guiding me through how to do this:)
  4. Existencex

    Ryzen 3000 thermals

    thank you for the info guys i’ve never seen a 6 core idle this high before so i wanted to be sure when i saw 50-60c idle in windows it was a little concerning i’ll leave the voltage and such alone
  5. I notice that on my ryzen 5 3600 my thermals peak at about 60c idle and average between 50-55c my peak temperature for gaming is at about 75c. Wondering if theres a fix or a setting i can adjust to get the thermals lower for idle. I've never seen a cpu idle this high
  6. so i plan on getting the msi b450 gaming carbon AC great value for the price and i have a 2070 asus strix. the only reason i’m not going with an asus board is because i can’t seem to find one that’s relatively the same price that will allow me to flash a bios without a cpu(getting a ryzen 3000 soonTM) is there anyway to get the rgb to sync up despite being different manufacturers? Also am i able to use the asus rog strix b450-f gaming and flash the bios with this? i’m unable to find out if i can use the 3600 with this board out of the box to flash bios
  7. ^^title more or less trying to see which would be most beneficial. bang for your buck if you will. never heard of the brand so that’s a concern. how has your scythe held up over time? which would you deem better of the two as far as quality?
  8. Existencex

    asus rog strix rtx 2070

    recently saw a good deal on this so i jumped on it. one thing i did notice is that there was a recent review from june 12th more or less stating all the issues that had happened when rtx launched. My concern is getting a dead card or worse burning out soon after and having to wait on a rma and such. more or less looking for peace of mind that this guy got an older stock of the card. does anyone know if quality control has vastly increased for the rtx cards? any possible serial number that had a good batch?