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  1. *cough* well o.o' for some reason beyond my understanding the GeForce driver installed successfully this time around on my Asus board, so i guess o.o' my problem fixed itself o.o' like the worst kind of fixed because i don't know why there was a problem in the first place or how i fixed it o.o'
  2. just bought my PSU like less then 6 months ago its a 700Watt DeepCool 80Plus Bronze model And ironically my DDR3 Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 board is actually a lower quality board then my DDR2 Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H board is
  3. well i plugged the GPU into my old Gigabyte board and it gave me the same reboot loop at first but then once i tried to reinstall it a 2nd time the install succeeded, so im kind of at a loss o.o' idk if i just got lucky on the 2nd install o.o' so im back at square 1 either start swinging in the dark again or schlep it out with a DDR2 board o.o' i ran furmark and i don't see artifacting or anything and it didn't crash out when i put it through a 15 minute test o.o' so idk my GPU seems like it runs fine under load
  4. i don't think my card is failing, it was working just fine 12 hours ago before i started this swap, only part im not 100% sure about is my motherboard, i checked pcpartpicker to see if there was a known compatibility issue with my GPU and my motherboard and it said it had none though who knows the board might be junk i did get it second hand when i bought it for 80 bucks for the 6 core Phenom II CPU it had in it, guess i could just throw my Gigabyte board back in and see what happens if my GPU works in there then i know my Asus board is just a lemon or would going from DDR3 back to DDR2 disable some of the GTX 980's functionality and that's why its working in a lower spec system?
  5. yep o.o' il give that a shot and maybe not OOfing up the windows version might give me better installer results... just realized i had the download for 32 bit not 64 bit windows 7
  6. actually no haven't tried that yet, guess il try the 391.01 and see how it goes if no luck il see if the oldest one works. ok this time it just straight up told me this.
  7. already tried that forgot to include that in my post, was one of the first things i tried i figured the boards bio's might be old but even after updating my bios with EZ-Flash2 no change.
  8. so iv been scouring the web looking for similar issues but none of the fix's iv tried have seemed to provide any results so iv been trying to upgrade my motherboard from a DDR2 gigabyte board to a DDR3 Asus board(no brand preferences just what i was able to get for free). my GPU was working before i swapped motherboards so its not an issue as simple as faulty hardware, iv run all my ram sticks through a 9 hour Memtest86+ test and none came up with any errors, im able to update every other part of my system but as soon as i install the 391.35 Nivida drivers for my GTX 980 my computer just starts going through a reboot loop, it gets past the login screen and loads my desktop but then it automatically reboots like 1 second later and then the fan on my card jumps up to full throttle on the post screen and it just stays stuck in that loop forever iv downloaded and installed every other driver my computer could need without issues. iv reinstalled my OS to my SSD just to make sure i had a clean install. iv tried Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode and re-installing the GPU driver after a reboot. nothing has worked for me so far has anyone else had this same issue when using a GTX 980 with a Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 motherboard? if so do you know how to get everything to install correctly?