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  1. Downtime between long turn times
  2. Hmm were going off topic with possible future products and whatnot. Let me be more specific. When running two games will performance benefit more from faster cores on x amount of cores (Intel) or better performance on the threads (amd). AFAIK games prefer the faster single core speeds and don't really saturate the threads enough to make better multi threaded the clear winner. Hoping someone with some knowledge of this will chip in here!
  3. No streaming or anything, I only really play 2 games, or game and watch something to utilize 2 monitors. You think the faster speeds on 8 cores will be better than slower but more cores?
  4. Hello, I am running a dual monitor setup off of one gpu, I play 2 games simultaneously. One rpg like Witcher 3 or modded skyrim, and one turn based like civilisation or total war. I am looking to upgrade my system and was curuous if anyone could tell me what a set up and use case like this would benefit more from in the cpu. Would faster core speeds like the 9900k or better multithreaded performance like the ryzen 3900x be in my best interest? Thanks! P. S. I am not necessarily choosing between those two parts, they are just examples for comparison.
  5. Hello, I want to use mayhems xt-1 nuke uv clear sky blue coolant in my system. I was hoping to use PETG but I am getting some conflicting information. Mayhems support says it is compatible but all my research says it is not. Was hoping someone here with experience could clear up the confusion for me! Thanks!