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    Ryzen 7 2700X
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    MSI B450 Gaming Plus
  • RAM
    16GB TForce Delta TUF RGB 3200MHz
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    MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z
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    Cooler Master MB511 RGB
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    WD Blue SATA SSD 250 GB & Seagate Barracuda 2TB
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    Seasonic Focus+ Gold 750FX
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    MSI MAG241C 144Hz 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor
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    Cooler Master MA620P
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    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum (Cherry MX Brown)
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    Fantech X11 Daredevil
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    Focusrite 2i2 Studio
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    HP Pavilion TouchSmart

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  1. Seem to have found the issue. I downgraded bios to the latest AGESA and closed iCUE & discord in the background and the voltages drop back down to 0.719v for short moments in idle. Not as frequent as before W 1903 but at least idling is back somehow.
  2. So this is weird. Before AGESA and before Win1903 ryzen was performing as expected. Then boom! Messes everything up with downvolting and downclocking.... Anyone know a workaround?
  3. CPB in the bios can only be set to auto or disable so of course I went with auto
  4. Per core usage usually averages around 5%-15% give or take. Temps won't be too low since I usually run 35c-45c idle but when it's hot or a/c is off then temps hit 40c-50c on idle.
  5. Virtualization is enabled though. I may check on that a bit later. I'll update when I get results
  6. Read the first post lol. Balanced is on 5% min as well as high perf...
  7. Read the first post lol. Balanced is on 5% min as well as high perf...
  8. So what is up? AGESA issue? Windows issue? Chip issue? Driver issue?
  9. I never enabled MSI gaming/OC mode since it sets the voltage at constant 1.45v and locks clock speed to 4.35GHz
  10. No manual OC just PBO and voltage offset. Clock speed set to auto.
  11. Title says it all basically. Running on W10 1909 on a 2700x and a MSI B450 Gaming Plus (AGESA Patch B). PBO enabled with -0.1 negative voltage offset and CL14 3200MHz RAM. C-states and Cool-n-quiet enabled in the bios as well. Spread spectrum disabled. The thing constantly clocks around 4.15 GHz on idle at average of 1.38v with windows balanced power profile. Setting profile to high performance with minimum processor state set to 5% makes the chip run at around 4.25GHz idle but with average of 1.42v (still not downclocking as well). Any ideas for a fix or workaround? Wouldn't want to run the thing on power saver lol throttling would be too real. Windows Balanced: Modded High Performance:
  12. if it is the wire coming loose, how do you fix that without possibly removing the stabs altogether?