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  1. oh do you maybe have a vid or a website as recommendation as how i can do it
  2. i meant something more like the proggram will read on the display and just press things while at it. like press on X,Y to train troops or other X,Y to farm things like that very very basic things i just need them in a parthen i know most blue stucks im using MEMU they have it key recorder but i want to push it a little further
  3. Hey i want to create a type of program that will record my screen take data from it and do tasks that i tell it to do. Im using it in a phone game to just automate things and i want to do it a practice. anyone knows where i should take tips from ? or how should i start it (language and such) ? Its not a web its a software im using kinda like blue stucks but not bad
  4. the router is also a TV i dont know how it works in other countrys but the Modem is has channel like disney and news and all those. yes i mean a coaxial cable. they all have wifi built on but only the main one has 5Gz wifi and the other only has 2.4Gz wifi.and i cant use 5Gz from my ISP because they dont give it, only the main router has it and all the others are small. i live in an old place so i dont have any other ISP to buy internet from
  5. Hey, I get my internet through an RF cable. right at the main router which is in my living room. the main router does have 5Gh wifi and it has 200mbs and 5 uploads. it also is a Tv (hot net if anyone curious). I get my internet from a smaller router in my room, also an RF cable and its also a TV. I get 100 MBs on good days normally 50 and on bad days 30, my wifi is 2.4Gz and it cant from this router be 5Gz. I have a router, i tried connecting the router through my modem/router into the 5Gz router lan connector and just cable into my pc. not only it didn't work at all like no new wifi but also the internet was at least 10 times slower to the point it wouldn't open pages even though there was an internet. I don't know if it's my personal Modem that is so unstable because the big modem is extremely stable and barely any if no problems but all the smaller once are just unstable disconnect a lot. If anyone has a router that takes RF cable and it's stable and it would work for me link me up and if someone knows how i can at least have 5Gz wifi and maybe more stable internet
  6. i meant raid for it to be faster i just finished paying my house loan and my car loan so i do want to treat my self with some nice things before i go spending again. and raid might be good for like i want to add some games from the xbox to it because xbox storage is small same with adding pics and all and it would be much faster (from what i know). i mean point is i would want to create a cloud in my home conncted to wifi and have storage for all the things i want to save ect do i need to buy like a diffrent hard drive or smth spacial ?
  7. yessss my sshd right now is 1TB and i save it on it some steam games and work and its unplayable sometimes like my hard drive is on 100% so i def wanted to get a ssd for my games.also is there a way for me to have like a cloud or does it need something spcial ?
  8. should i go with some raid on the drives. because one under you said to not go for drives over 5tb
  9. oh def nun of those all i do is pics and some cooking recipes i save
  10. first ty for the video many times ive been in weird websites trying to buy gift cards cuz there not a lot of places i can buy and i had to cancel 2 credit cards cuz of it. and second i sub to him will def watch him
  11. i wanted to be a sort of bot with a screen scraper not like a learning bot (i dont think im that good) but a bot that does stuff i tell it
  12. hmm just random things you know. thing is i have money to buy it right now and i know if i wont buy it ill probly spend it on clothes or smth.
  13. Hey, I want to build a new setup because im moving out of my parents house soon and i wanted to make my pc good that i wont have to worry about it any time soon. I was thinking of buying a Sansumg 970 EVO + as my OC drive another samsung 1TB ssd. I am now thinking should i get a 5 TB hard drive that is fast like SSHD or i should go with a 3 TB SSD. also i need a lot of space because i want it to last for a while until i need to rebuy or upgrade.
  14. Thank you very much I will start reading those soon. I didnt program for so long it looks scary but thanks a lot ill get back to it