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  1. That was my thought too, a driver issue or some program, but it wouldn't explain crashing while booting from a Linux CD with no windows 7 drive in the machine right?
  2. Fans spin when it powers on, it reaches windows and works normal for about a minute, powers off, fans spin to a stop. Runs in safe mode 100% of the time with no issues, even when running CPU stress tests. Memtest ran and has no faults. No BSOD, just shuts off immediately like the power switch was flipped. Does so even when trying to boot from CD with no windows hard drive connected to the computer.
  3. Motherboard Pegatron M2N78-LA Bios 5.10 Processor AMD Phenom 9750 Quad Core 2.40 GHz OS Windows 7 Professional - 64bit Video Card (Onboard) Nvidia GeForce 9100 Nvidia GT 430 Ram 8gb DDR2 (4x 2gb) Power Supply 430w Computer turns off (no BSOD, just powers off) about a minute after loading windows 7 normally Computer will run fine in safe mode, even under load, with no shutoffs I removed the video card and re-plugged all motherboard power, running off onboard graphics Ran Memtest with no issues on Ram Fans run fine, and replaced the thermal paste on the CPU, so I don’t think it's overheating. Computer will turn off while attempting to boot from Linux boot CD, even with main HDD removed It seems to me that it has to be a hardware issue given it won’t even boot from a CD, but the fact that it runs just fine in win7 safe mode makes me doubt it could be the CPU or PSU. It's a very old computer used only as a media device, but the puzzle of what is wrong has me stumped.