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  1. cryptomode

    Pc HUGE performance drop randomly

    im not fully adept on using the software but from what i saw im getting around 800 when i stress the cpu on cpu z and im hitting either 0% or 100% gpu usage when playing.
  2. cryptomode

    Pc HUGE performance drop randomly

    Thank you for the response, after uninstalling and reinstalling the game im still having the issue. any other ideas?
  3. I play overwatch and recently have had a massive issue with performance and was wondering if someone can help me out. i am attempting to give as much info as i can on the situation so that people can give answers soon without having to ask for more info How it started: i use a cyberpower pc and when attempting update the bios (i didnt actually see the option for updating bios so i didnt update it) i saw something called "game mode" which adds 400 mhz to your overall performance, i thought that since it was built into the pc and that i occasionally drop from 144 to 100 it would be something i should turn on. After i booted back up i saw a major drop in just about everything including just browsing around the desktop so i went back to the bios and turned it off, this slightly fixed the issue however i noticed when playing overwatch instead of hitting 144 fps almost all the time i was running on 80 - 90 with drops to 50. So i wanted to see if by doing this i somehow hurt my cpu and i installed 2 amd programs aswell as msi afterburner to look into my usage, i was at around 50% cpu usage and all the applications had fluctuating gpu usage. (0 - 100%) also i was able to play at 80 fps so i played for a day and then i restarted again and was stuck at around 20 fps. What i have tried: - overclocking - closing all programs that arent the software i want to run - removing several programs that might have a hinderance on my frame rate - uninstalling and reinstalling amd gaming software - defragmenting hard drive - doing windows memory check - cleaning out temp files - checking my temps what i havent tried: -dmos reset -windows 10 clean install My specs: amd radeon rx 80 amd ryzen 5 1400 quad core gskill ripjaws 2400 8 gb ddr4 ram B350M BAZOOKA (MS-7A38)