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  1. you said buy Amd so I bought Amd You are a bad man!
  2. i knowed i should have buy Nvidia card...I shouldnt trust like that
  3. I put amd in but gta runs really bad Help please
  4. I got an amd card like you said (Radeon hd 6450) Thanks
  5. josh52

    Is the switch worth the money?

    no lmfao, you can emulate BOTWon pc. The only switch exclusives that are appealing to me are mario odyssey and tetris 99. I'd never buy a console for two games
  6. dell motherboard doesnt let amd card go they only let nvidia
  7. The motherboard only puts out 35w, is there a card that uses Sata power or 35w
  8. can i use 750ti with psu? can i have list of card that work with psu thabnk
  9. if the psu did explode would it destroy my whole computer or just psu? im not gonna leave it on when i'm not around thank you so much for all info by thee way, very help
  10. It wont explode power supply?my power supply is 240 watt i think
  11. It wont explode power supply?my power supply is 240 watt i think
  12. nothing, but i was told by my friend sushu that i need to get a new psu or the psu will brick all my computer when i add Gpu
  13. I need Cheaper psu and gpu Thank
  14. i dont understand rebate for power supply, is there cheaper ????
  15. josh52

    How are consoles different from PC?

    console are bad