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    Would this be worth it?

    So I bought a laptop from HP and I am dissapointed with how everything went. HP let's you take their laptops and customize them and I was under the impression that they essentially take the base laptop and slap better hardware in the laptop for you for a price. Instead, the completely change the mother board which sense. I goofed up and didn't think they would be stingy and make it so I couldn't add more storage or change my storage at all. Oh how I was wrong. I bought my laptop to come with only a 1tb 3000 rpm hdd. This makes it so I have no other ports to add more HDD, SSD, or m.2's. I really wanted to have an SSD to make the OS and application time run faster but to do so I would need to send the laptop back an get a refund and purchase the laptop with the right configuration. Sounds simple right? Weeeeell you can do that but they have a restocking fee of 85 based on the price of my laptop. Also I would need to dump an extra 120 dollars on top of the laptops 600 dollar price range just to get 128 gb 9f m.2. So, just for me to have my OS run a little faster for an extra 200 then what I originally paid and I have to wait an extra month would it be worth it? I really need help from people.