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  1. H0B0LISH3S

    Virus removal

    Awesome thanks, For large virus infections or ones like the encryption virus i would definitely disconnect from the network to ensure no spread, I could definitely be more careful with my USB so thanks for that advice. System Ninja is one i have not heard of before. Is it much different to Ccleaner? (i use Ccleaner on just about every computer for removing junk files and fixing registry issues for optimizing performance.)
  2. H0B0LISH3S

    Virus removal

    It's not me getting viruses, sorry i should i said in post. A large part of my job is virus removals. I'm hoping people can extended on what i do for my clients.
  3. H0B0LISH3S

    Virus removal

    Hey guys, Just want to know what everyone does for a standard virus removal. I'm not talking about removing a single virus, more like removing adware and malware that most computers gather from "standard" use. My normal process is; remove malicious programs, run adwcleaner, malwarebytes, superantispyware, rougekiller, reset browsers and reg clean. Hopefully you guys can help me extend on this to ensure full removal with no remnants left behind. tia Edit - It's not me constantly getting viruses, a large part of my job is removing viruses for my clients.