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  1. I'am planning to use this guide to setup 2 Gamers 1 CPU though i have some questions. specs -i5 6500 -asus b250m plus -16gb 2133Mhz ram -1x gtx960 2gb -1x gtx950 2gb -550 Watt psu -Thermaltake TT eSPORTS Challenger DUO RGB USB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo for player 1 - random stuff for player 2 -Would this configuration work? -would the host system(ubuntu) detect mouse and keyboard movement from the mouse % keyboard that is passthrough to the vm and do random stuff -if i shut down the vm how can i turn it back on or do i have to do it via virtmanager - i am planning to use igpu for host system and gtx960 for p1 and gtx950 for p2 -going to be using this adaptor https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/High-Speed-USB3-0-Port-PCIe-PCI-Express-1x-Extender-Riser-Card-Adapter-Mining-FG/292641564916?var=591442873716 for p1 and a usb hub https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/High-Speed-4-Port-USB-2-0-Multi-HUB-Splitter-Expansion-For-PC-Laptop-Adapter-AU/223274003244?var=522056828995 1 plugged into the pcie usb expander for hot plugging usb devices (for p1) and 1 in the mobo or p2 for hot plugging -Can this config work? Thanks for all the help
  2. can you reinstall windows. do you have 2 usb sticks 16gb r fine. you could download ubuntu on a working pc use rufus and install it on one use, then plug both usb's in the pc you r trying to fix and then install ubuntu on the second usb and boot. see if it works.
  3. Trilex

    Can I run VM servers?

    Trying to do this in VMware is a terrible idea. For some reason up and down link speeds are extremely slow like 10>Mbps down and 500>Mbps up. Use gpu passthrough, linus did a video on it
  4. try a monitor and see if it not a lcd problem
  5. try to safe boot, try another hdd, try to take 1 stick of ram out,
  6. can u attach picutes, cuz i cant see them or you didnt upload
  7. ok so i have this idea of 2 gamers 1 cpu. My specs are below i3-7100 to be upgraded to i5 6400 Asus b250m plus motherboard 8GB ram to be upgraded to 16GB ram 2x Gigabyte gtx 960 2gb GDDR5 gpu's 500 watt power supply 2x120gb ssd 2x500gb hdd I am going to use the in built igpu for unriad and the 2x gtx960s for the two windows VM's. I heard something about iommu and hvm need to be enabled and supported. Also isn't there a setting for the displayout put to be passed through the igpu and not the gtx 960's? Will my baseline hardware work or will i have to upgrade to the above mention components? Thanks
  8. Trilex

    Setting up a new unraid vm

    or even the vms? im only going to be doing light gaming like cs go?
  9. Trilex

    Setting up a new unraid vm

    are there any cheap 6th or 7th gen cpus with 4 cores?
  10. Trilex

    Setting up a new unraid vm

    can i overlap for unraid? or do i need a better cpu
  11. After watching linus's video about running 2 gamers off 1 cpu i was wondering if i could do the same with my hardware. Specs i3 7100 8gb ram 2400Mhz Asus b250M plus mobo 550 watt psu 2x gtx 960 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sunnybank-hills/components/gigabyte-gtx-960-2gb-graphics-card/1221423644 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hemmant/components/gtx-windforce-960-great-for-mid-tier-gaming-negotionable/1220474477 2x120gb ssd 2x500gb hdd My CPU is compatible with Vt-d and Vt-x, though somewhere in the video it says i need iommu and hvm (do i have this?). Will this work? Thanks
  12. i am planning to add a ssd cache to the share tho i have one question. i will soon be upgrading to 2x500GB hdds and 1x 120gb ssd cache. i am planning to use raid 1, my understanding is that the total size will be the smallest drive size (ssd). A is the ssd only caching and not part of the storage therefor the total size is 500GB. B sdd is part of storage and total size will be 120GB. i am using windows storage spaces with tiering. Thanks
  13. Trilex

    Pfsense installation help

    i just installed opensense and the screen is black. Guess my hardware to old.
  14. Trilex

    Pfsense installation help

    yea but then configuring settings like portforwading will have to be done on both routers