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  1. Yeah, the Trident Z Neo line is specifically for Ryzen 3000 though. That really just means most motherboard vendors have it ojn their QVL and thus xmp profiles exist for it on x570 boards and they guarantee stability with it. More attractive is the pricing and the large variety of 3600 mhz kits with decent to good timings. My recommendation would be 3600 over 3200, mostly because they do generally work out of the box with minimal setup and running IF and your ram in 1 to 1 does help squeeze out some performance. LTT has a pretty decent video on the impact of ram speed and timings on the new ryzen platform and G-skills rgb implementation works better with other ecosystems. Corsairs vengeance pros are still really designed for using icue for their lighting control and ask a pretty big premium for their Rgb. At least overhere the 3200 mhz cl18 corsair vengeance pro (white) kit was still 35 euroes more expensive then G-skills 3600 mhz cl 16 neo kit.
  2. Are you running a new Ryzen 3000 Cpu? Then G-skill neo's might be a better choice if your looking for low latency 3600 mhz ram simply because the vengeance pros have a very limited range of speed and timings. If your running intel just pick what you like, it matters far less.
  3. According to Noctua they actually increase performance a tiny little bit which considering they are made of metal and thus offer more surface area and seal the sides of the fins so you direct airflow slightly more towards your rear exhaust fan and less escapes out the sides into your case might actually be justified.
  4. I'll chime in with the hydro X part. Especially their Pump/Res combo. It's a D5 so you can use it with other custom loops too but I love that their reservoir is not acrylic and doesn't seem to be quite as susceptible as it is to turning brittle from heat cycles or cracking (because of them).
  5. Oh... well this might work then. I just dropped a LPX CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 kit into my Aorus Elite and xmp no luck, manual settings in bios also none. If I boot up Ryzen Master though, set memory to include, coupled on and drag the slider to 1800 leaving everything else on auto it... does seem to work (*with a 3600 though not a 3700x) could give that a try. I'll have to see about stability but it is actually showing up as running 3600. So if you just wanna do 3200 at stock, try 1600?
  6. Yeah for the aorus elite that should be right. You are already flashed to Bios F4J right? that had a fix for some xmp profiles not sticking so that is pretty important on this board.
  7. So, quick question, which ram slots are you using?
  8. Can you still return your ram? The LPX sticks have good value (for corsair insanely good even) but I have yet to get an LPX kit of any speed to actually work at its rated clockspeed on any x570 board using XMP or even manual settings. That stuff is cheap for a reason and especially 32 gb kits generally won't play nice with it. 2x8 is much more likely to go well out of the box.
  9. Actually, the 3600x DOES have a point. If your not big into overclocking and just wanna slap some values into Ryzen master and get a quick overclock you can pretty much set your best two cores on the 3600x to 4400 and be absolutely fine. That's what the X skew is being binned for, having the best 'fastest cores' out of the lot to raise it's ability to boost under stock settings. The other 4 cores may still be a crap shoot but on a regular 3600 all of them are. And there are 3600's out there where 4200 is the absolute max your gonna get before it bricks. Is that worth 50 bucks? heck no, but spending 10 or 20 extra for it may not really be that bad a policy.
  10. St.Nick

    NH-D15 vs D15S

    Do note that the D15's offset for PCI-E clearance makes it not play nice with some x570 motherboards due to tall vrm heatsinks though!
  11. I think he means the RGB on the front of the case.
  12. Actually if that picture is legit what your getting, that extender is more then fine. ADT-LINK is the OEM vendor for half the brands that sell PCI-e Extenders.
  13. if clockspeed for a GPU was all that matterd, my 2070 does 2070 mhz (and actually crashes at the next increment for hilarity sake) is it running circles around this 'alleged' 5700 anniversary thats not an XT? (I have never seen or heard of this model, it might exist in another market or be a knockoff or something else I do not know, hence I will use 'alleged' as Luke and Linus demonstrated in wan show) It seems more that even if it beats it purely on clockspeed that is a small margin at best. Feels a bit shady either way.
  14. That's certainly true. But considering the vengeance pro RGB he has in his parts picker list I kind of assumed he wanted fancy rgb ram. That kit is 85~90 for the 3000 mhz cl15 ram. At which point the 30 bucks to go up to 3600 cl16 is a lot more reasonable. As for @LukeSavenije, Thats pretty much what I said too. You do not NEED it at all, but if your budget does include a 150 dollar keyboard it makes more sense to me to save there and get one of the nice x570 boards that your. B450 is still a step and a half down from x570 and a generation older, since AMD committed to support AM4 through to the end of 2020, x570 is probably gonna survive another gen of CPU's. It might be nice to have a board that's as solid for x570 as the tomahawk was for b450 by then. It's a choice everyone needs to make, but a lot of people mindlessly parrot the get a b450 tomahawk (max) without even offering the suggestion. Hence why I foreworded it with 'I'll voice the unpopular opinion'. I watched buildzoids videos too and he was practically praising the Aorus elite's vrms up into the sky for the price it goes for and the ASUS TUF got no less praise. It would be a shame if people do not even look at the fact that x570 has 2 really really solid boards in it's low end and not even consider the potential upside. I also was off the opinion that an older board might be better but seeing just how good the entry boards were changed my mind on that. It's always good to tell people their options isn't it?