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  1. You find crazy stuff like that... https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Akasa-Dual-M-2-PCI-E-RGB-LED-Adapter-Karte_1299522.html
  2. You won't lose any performance as far as i have seen, when you use NVME SSDs. You will loose connectivity. SATA SSDs might be another matter since not all M.2 slots might support SATA. The question is, how are your PCI-E lanes wired? You can route the lanes directly from the CPU. So 4 lanes get used for the SSD you get 8 PCI-E lanes for the GPU (i have a Board that does that) There is also the possibility that all M.2 drives are connected to the Chipset. I have to check how much PCI-E lanes the chipset provides. But the Chipset is connected with 4 PCI-E lanes to the CPU. There might be some bottlenecking there whith NVME-Raid. But i have seen no tests on that so far. I've read through the Specifications of your Mainboard. And as i understand it, all the M.2 Slots go through the chipset. You could also add a PCI-E card which allows 2 M.2 slots. So you have 8 PCI-E lanes for the GPU and 8 for 2 M.2 drives directly connected to the CPU. The Nvme-SSDs might even be easier to cool since they would be mounted on a PCI-E card. Ignore the last idea, i can't find any dual PCI-E M.2 cards. They all have one NVME and one Sata M.2 slot. But not 2 Nvme M.2 slots... These cards should have a PCI-E 8x connector.
  3. Aerpoweron


    They came with a X58 Motherboard and a i7 920. Not sure what CPU i should get for the board. The Xeon I like is too expensive (80 to 90€) I would need to get another 6 GB set of these memory modules to get to 12 GB of memory. You can go up to 48 GB of memory on these old X58 which i still find impressive.
  4. i would go with the m2m one. you lose sata 4 and 5 but nothing else
  5. Aerpoweron


  6. Aerpoweron


    Cooler blocks them but i have checked on the Corsair website they have top down pictures (now that i know what you mean)
  7. Aerpoweron


    I have newer DDR3 Dominator, but it is in a running PC Did you try the Corsair website, they should have good pictures as well.
  8. Aerpoweron


    let me try to get some pictures in here
  9. Aerpoweron


    what specific memory are you referring too? which dominator?
  10. I think the starting voltage is to slow for the fans, that won't start. But you are right at the border. If it is a little warmer you get more voltage and it starts
  11. Aerpoweron

    (Possibly) Broken Display Port

    Did you test the other displayport on the graphics card?
  12. I don't see a problem with the memory. According to Techpowerup, you have at best a 5% increase of performance when you run at 1080p. And that was tested with a 2080ti. I think with the 2070 super you get not even that much of an impact, since you should run into gpu bottelnecking sooner. So, you run a game at 100fps, add 5% it is a 105 FPS. It would be interesting to see the impact on the lowest one percent.
  13. it should. Nvidia wants to sell their GPUs, so why should they not support the CPU. The CPU has PCI-E 4.0. The GPU has 3.0. So the CPU will adjust to that. Unless Nvidia sabotages support on purpose, it should work. But i have to go now, bed time. If you have more questions, i can answer them tomorrow
  14. Aerpoweron

    CPU Air cooler suggestion

    Bed time for me now. Just give the stock cooler a fair chance, it looks like as it can handle the CPU with ease, and it is easy to mount (it just uses clamps). Additionally it is a top down cooler so your VRM is cooled as well Good night.
  15. Aerpoweron

    CPU Air cooler suggestion

    Damn. So back to the AMD stock cooler and then do some research which cooler really would fit and looks good to you. https://noctua.at/en/products/cpu-cooler-retail/nh-u12a/specification 3 mm too high (158mm and your case has 155) Mabe you risk it, and send it back if it does not fit?