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  1. I have an old Iphone, which was smashed after it fell into a puddle of water (Classified how) However the camera module is still good enough and probably some other parts too apart from the screen and battery. I am thinking of salvaging it and making some DIY projects. Please make suggestions of some good projects that can be done from the camera module.
  2. d4n1Xd34th

    Your anti-vaxxer stories

    Not fair spoiling the surprise
  3. d4n1Xd34th

    Your anti-vaxxer stories

    There is tons of scientific research of vaccines causing Autism. Please check http://howvaccinescauseautism.org PS: Don't comment before reading up on the link
  4. d4n1Xd34th

    Aopen 32HC1Q 32-inch Curve Gaming Monitor? Good or Scam?

    Around 30000INR, which happens to be around 450USD. But its cheaper than all the monitors with same specs.
  5. d4n1Xd34th

    Aopen 32HC1Q 32-inch Curve Gaming Monitor? Good or Scam?

    The specs are too good for the price. I just hope it doesn't have a hell lot of motion blur or some ugly colors. Can't find reviews and never heard of the brand
  6. Anyone used the Aopen 32HC1Q 32-inch Curve Gaming Monitor. Found it on Amazon, for the price in my country its offering the best bang for the buck. The specs look pretty good on paper.
  7. Yes probably going for the RYZEN
  8. They have a very high advantage on softwares like cinema 4D. Sketchup? Doesn't really matter. For lumion official website says : Multiple CPUs or more than 4 CPU cores will not make a difference.
  9. Probably thats what i am thinking. Besides i am just aiming for 144hz at 1440p
  10. The thing is that i am losing out on the gaming side, but the softwares i intend to use doesn't offer much of an advantage on core count (except blender cycles, but somehow i believe rtx 2080ti) gpu render will be faster anyway [ blender uses ray tracing, so i guess rt cores will matter too]
  11. But won't the gpu rendering be faster than the cpu? Besides lumion supports only gpu based renders.
  12. I am probably assembling my PC by the end of this month or the next. But i am still confused between the CPU. What advantages can the RYZEN provide me? I will mostly be using it for 50% 3D modelling and Rendering and 50% gaming. Might stream (not sure) Gpu of choice is an RTX 2080TI (Gaming X Trio) Software i will be using are, SketchUp, Lumion (Gpu based) Blender etc Note from Lumions website : Multiple CPUs or more than 4 CPU cores will not make a difference. Please advise EDIT : Leaning towards the Ryzen, after community's advice
  13. d4n1Xd34th

    Dichlorotrifluoroethane (R123) cooling.

    Wouldn't work for an extreme overclock. What you are suggesting is a variation of a phase change cooling system. Its already there. Not worth the effort sadly
  14. d4n1Xd34th

    I can't play 3D Mark game!!!

    Issue was solved, conflict with comodo
  15. d4n1Xd34th

    I can't play 3D Mark game!!!

    Go check the steam page, its funny how so many people buy 3D mark and complain that they can't "play" it On a serious note: i am having issues validating my benchmark scores online, is it server side or my pc?