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  1. And why do you use mailboxes with "ru"?
  2. I somehow did not even think. Just use the phone and that's it. I should think
  3. It was a dress for my daughter at school ball
  4. I like to play quests. As it turned out, this is a very addictive game. In my childhood there were no such games. Quest is a live game with real problems and tasks. Quests perfectly develop logic and thinking for me. I live in Manchester. We have so many interesting escape room that offer quests of different subjects and levels of difficulty.
  5. Web developer is a very relevant profession of the future. More and more business goes on the Internet. The competition is becoming colossal. But the requirements for web sites are growing. Companies that order the development of the site want to get a quality product that will increase the profitability of the company. They understand that without a good ui and ux design they will lose to competitors.
  6. I have a WD My Passport 2TB. The computer works well with it. Only when transferring data to a hard disk you need to carefully transfer files. It so happened that I deleted some files and had to be restored using the DiskInternals Uneraser https://www.diskinternals.com/uneraser/. This program to recover deleted files of any type.
  7. I pick up an external storage medium. Can you advise which one to take? I need to store photo and video files.
  8. when did you buy the computer? Is there a guarantee and a check? can give to the service center for diagnostics?