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  1. Hi, I have one major issue with my mobile workstation at work. CPU PL1 was at 23 Watt at the start of the system. I could change it in intel extreme tuning utility but it switched right back. I found this thread at HP support forum: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-Notebooks/Brand-new-Zbook-17-G5-with-i9-8950HK-CPU-power-limit/td-p/7037527 I've installed Intel DPTF but situation improved just a little. Now system starts at default 50W PL1. At some point of the day, sometimes after a few minutes or a half hour, laptop lowers CPU PL1 power limit to 23 Watts and stay at this level until l switch it in intel extreme tuning utility to another value. I cannot set it to 50W again because it still raports PL1 as 50W. At the time when PL1 is reduced, HWInfo show correct value of 23W. When I was digging I found that this zbook allegedly lower it's CPU power when some extra power is needed for the GPU, but why the heck it isn't switching back to higher power limit when GPU load is finished? I'm mechanical designer and CPU at less than half of its power is a huge pain in the ass. Switching it a few times a day also is far from perfect. Can anybody help in some way? HP Zbook 17 G5 specs: Intel i7-8750H Nvidia Quadro P3200
  2. I know corsair priceing. It's crazy af. Nevertheless, I think that those 3 fans with one noctua redux on exhaust will work fine. I don't want to spend more then I have to on RGB, just an amount that let me do my thing and will stand out just a bit. Thanks for help!
  3. @thrasher_565 I got same new infos now. Corsair software allow it and it is great, and now I can get 220t at 100 euros with lighting node core with all ICUE glory and I'll go with that. What is more Asrock software does not support that kind of lighting. On the other hand, MSI's mystic light do with function called colour shift if i do recall correctly. Infos about MSI and ASRock came from their support. MSI's support was very carefull with its words, but I think that I got it right. So now I'm waiting for 220t and b450 tomahawk max availability Thx for answer and if you would have some new info from playing with your mobo, please let me know
  4. Greetings humans, I'm soon to be first time DIYer and I've figured most things out by now. My biggest problem is rgb that is must have for me. ...and I have a problem. I watched a few videos of different rgb control via Mobo, but I have some specific plan for my new rig's lighting but I don't know what Mobo I can use to achieve it. I want two different colours switching from one to another with some animation (possibly). That's all. For example part of the components is lighted up with white LED's and part with purple. Then they switch to other color. Or even all are white, then switch to purple, then again to white, purple again and so on... So is there any mobo manufacturer that have that option in his rgb control software? I was mainly looking to buy an msi, Asus or ASRock Mobo. So to they let user to change it in the way that I want? What is more, is it possible on 12V rgb components or would I be forced to use aRGB staff? Theoretically it is achievable by classic rgb's but would software let me to do it? I have a tight Mobo budget, so if aRGB is not needed I could buy msi's tomahawk or mortar instead of ASRock's steel legend. I heard that those boards have better vrm and its cooling. If not I'd also consider b450 pro gaming carbon ac from msi. But if both msi and ASRock don't support it I could go with Asus. --------------------------------------------------- tldr: Could I achieve lighting effect of 2 coulors cycling through with rgb controlled via Mobo? If so, what mobo's manufactures should I consider and do I need aRGB for this?
  5. @James Evens I thought about it. I even have a few Arduino Nano's clones laying around but I'd prefer some finished product with which i could change lighting via some nice interface and not warring about it dying on me for same time or just not working properly.
  6. Hi, I have similar problem. I want to build my first DIY system and I'd like to go with Ryzen 3600. The biggest problem is that the new x570 lineup starts at the price of the the CPU and it's made for beefier units so I have to go with B450 lineup or wait another 6 months. I have restricted budget so I'm considering two B450 mobos from MSI: Tomawak or Mortar Titanium but they both support only 12V 4-pin RGBs. Unfortunately, aRGB is important for me cause I really want to have more customization options. I found quite cheap set of aRGB fans on Aliexpress. Their hub have option to sync via 3-pin aRGB header with MOBO. But boards I've considered have non of those. @LogicalDrm can you link some options for aRGB to USB hubs or converters that allow user to control lighting via software I've only found cheap crap from china, witch just use USB for powering the controller. Thanks in advance.