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  1. Also might be unrelated but i blue screened when starting the pc. After restarting it was normal again.
  2. It's model number is SSR-750FX 80+ gold.Previous PSU was deepcool da600 i believe. I live in bulgaria so i cant really give you a site to shot as i pretty much have to search for what i am looking from across many stores. I don't know if i can return it and buy a new one as some time has passed. If that is the problem tho you can recommend a psu and i can look for it.
  3. Update: After 30mins of running furmark + OCCT -max Core temp: 64C -max GPU temp: Memory junction = 92C max; hotspot = 90C max Also VR VCC Temperature (SVID) seems suspiciously hot at 84C but might be normal (don't know). No crashes or freezes.
  4. Nope none at all. It just freezes and i have to pull the plug. If i leave it it just stays frozen on the frame of the game.
  5. The freezes are quite unpredictable.. It can for example crash 2-3 times in the span of an hour or just not crash in a whole day. I will try stress testing for extensive periods of time as well just to verify. Also i dont think OCCT is not reporting GPU temperatures properly for me.It is stuck on -1C. My previous cpu was deepcool i think. It wasn't trustworthy so i changed it with the seasonic.
  6. While i am gaming the computer freezes/crashes where i can't do anything.The reset and power up buttons on the case do not work while this is happening.I have to hard reset from the psu to fix it. I don't think the reason is overheating as i have a brand new gpu (GB rx 5700 gaming oc) that doesn't have any dust and a i5-6500 with a hyperx 212 evo that is extremely overkill and never really passes 65C. The things i have tried to fix it are buying a new PSU (seasonic focus 750w) so i don't think it's a PSU issue.The freeze doesn't occur with lighter tasks like watching videos or browsing the web.I run windows 10 64bit. My full specs: CPU: i5-6500 RAM: 16gb of ram (some cheap adata 2133 ram) *i have run a ram check and there were no errors* PSU: Seasonic 750w focus plus GPU: Gigabyte RX 5700 gaming oc SSD: adata sp920ss HDD:barracuda 2TB (brand new) Mobo: Asus H110M-C I guess it's also worth noting that my last GPU (sapphire R9 390) had the same issue so it probably is not from the GPU. It died recently and i got the new one.
  7. I have been getting crashes while playing some games where the textures glitch completely and i must hard restart from my PSU. No such crashes have been happening while internet browsing/light use (only during playing games). My Specs: Motherboard: Asus h110m-c CPU: i5-6500 (with hyperx212 evo) RAM: 2x8gb adata 2133Mhz PSU: seasonic focus plus 750w gold eco SSD: adata sp920ss I do not have a discrete GPU atm as my old one died. Running off on-board graphics.I have attached a picture of my screen during a crash. The thing i did to troubleshoot so far was to run memtest86 and the RAM seems to be ok (0 errors).