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  1. When i put my mouse in it says in the bios that there is 2 keyboards and 2 mouse
  2. im trying to download windows on a usb stick to try to maybe do something
  3. Since I reset bios it says that there is only 1 keyboard when I have connected 1 keyboard, but when I come to the log in screen my keyboard does not work.
  4. It works on the bios, it says that there is only 1 keyboard when I have only 1 keyboard plugged in but when I'm going to log in the keyboard does not work.
  5. Windows 10 64 bit Windows 10 OEM About 1 year About 1 year, have tried reinstallation i5-8600k Asus 1060 6 GB OC Asus ROG STRIX Z-370-e Corsair RM750x ? ? Desktop. My pc/ motherboard registers and an extra set of keyboard and mouse and that does that my keyboard and mouse does not work. It works in bios, but I can't find a way to reset the USB ports. I wanted to reset the hard drive, but I have some files on the pc that I don't want to be deleted. What do I do? Connecting a new set of k&m does not work and for some reason, I can't enter safe mode. And when I tried to delete everything on the pc, the delete got stopped multiple times for no reason.