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  1. So, I want to record benchmarks but I do not want my 1st card to be affected by recording in anyway, so is there a way to make relive use my 2nd card to record video?
  2. Hi im looking for a 64GB ram kit for AM4, dosent need to be super fast. Just decent timing with okay speed
  3. Semi related but, its sad to see that people still buy these gpus at stupid high prices and just contribute to companies making the prices higher
  4. Yeah thats a really common issue that everyone has But I fixed my issue, I had the hd 5850 doing 1600x900 resolution so it messed everything up, I installed the 5850 back and set it to 1080p and its fixed rx 580s work just fine now with the monitor
  5. So please read through all of this, this monitor is being an absolute pain in the ass So this monitor was working perfectly fine using displayport with my dual rx 580s (I have a 2nd monitor too, its just my tv above my monitor) Then I decided to try and benchmark and overclock my HD 5850, so I did that and when I was done I decided to put my RX 580 back in (I kept the 2nd card in during the benchmarking) Now whenever I turn on my pc the monitor will show the bios flash screen and windows loading screen but once that is gone it says "displayport no signal" over and over, itll say it the monitor will go to sleep mode and then turn back on saying that on a constant loop. Without gpu drivers the monitor works perfectly fine and my other pc (gtx 660 rig) it works fine too... Ive uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, ive unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in and nothing... But here is the catch... If I plug in a dvi cable to the monitor the displayport magically works, I just mirror dvi and displayport monitors (windows thinks I have 3 monitors because dvi and dp are plugged in) So any advice here? Also tried using just 1 gpu, same thing happens and now using dvi doesnt work anymore as well, so its not the cable