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  1. I tried going back to an old GPU driver version and it still happens. I changed PCIE slot and cable, uninstalled ICUE as well and problem still persists
  2. @RockoCL Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately that didn't work though
  3. Hello, I have had my PC for well over 2 years now.I had this issue last year and it went away by itself but it is now back and annoying as ever.Problem: While gaming, my monitor randomly goes black screen and i get a "No signal" on my monitor. I can still however, hear sound from the game/discord, and my fans then go up to 100% and I am forced to force-restart the PC. I monitor my temps and there is no overheating.However when I check Reliability Monitor I find this error:Reliability Monitor DescriptionA problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.Problem signatureProblem Event Name: LiveKernelEventCode: 141Parameter 1: ffffd205286e7460Parameter 2: fffff8071d084148Parameter 3: 0Parameter 4: 73cOS version: 10_0_17763Service Pack: 0_0Product: 256_1OS Version: 10.0.17763. ID: 4105What I've tried Completely uninstalled drivers with DDU and reinstalled Underclocking my GPU Specs:Motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS IX APEXDDR4: 2x8 G.SKILL TRIDENT ZCPU: i7-7700kGPU: MSI GTX 1080PSU: Cooler Master v850