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  1. andarhan

    Valve Index Build Recommendations

    The GPU bottlenecked the CPU, the game used multiple cores actually and max used core was at %58.
  2. Hi all, i have a odd couple of 2080Tiand a R7 2700. So far on Beat Saber 120Mhz my bottleneck is the glorius 2080Ti. The CPU gets max %60 utilization during the game and the GPU goes at %100. The high refresh rate on the Valve Index worth all the spending, the immersion is insane. But there is a catch, the game must keep the refresh rate! The moment you lose fps you lose immersion which is not the case when playing a game on monitor. I was able to get the solid 120Mhz by lowering the graphics settings a little but still, a 2080Ti bottlenecks 2700? No reason for me to go Zen2? I wonder if am wrong at sth but the numbers on CPUID says go SLI rather than Zen2.(Other than VR i only play retro games so i don't care for fortnite or battlefield v etc.) System; Asus 2080Ti OC(oc at 1785Mhz) R7 2700(oc at 3900Mhz) Corsair Vengeance 32gb 3200mhz(oc at 3333Mhz) Asus Strix x470-f Corsair 750 tx Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2, 1 TB SSD Cooler Master MA620p Cooler Master H500M
  3. andarhan

    Hybrid MA620P?

    Hi all, i have a ma620p which has 2 120mm RGB fans and an extra slot to add a third fan. I wonder if adding a Noctua as third fan(to the second slot) a good idea. The middle slot isn't the best place for RGB and i wonder how would a hybrid cooler work.