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  1. Hello again LTT Community! First off, I suggest going to my original case mod post I did a few years back, where I showed off my DIY side panel window mod. I have made a few parts upgrades since this post, most notably I have a GTX 980 in there as well as some storage upgrades. Link: I am now back with another mod, except this time I am tackling the front panel! I had this idea to make a turbine looking mod where you can see through the front panel to a blue LED fan behind it. TLDR; And here's a build log! I really like the Bitfenix logo, I cut it out so I can reuse it later. Now to cut the fan hole, I screwed this up a little bit by cutting the hole a bit too high so now the cutout from the previous cut visible. Not a huge deal, you can't really notice it in the finished product. With everything put back together, this is what it looks like... Now lights off... I didn't like the white grill, so I cut that out and ordered a black 120mm honeycomb fan grill to put in its place. I mounted the new grill and pasted the Bitfenix logo back on. I then took some U-channel trim and put it around the outside cut, it hides the mistake in the cut pretty well! I'm quite pleased with how it came out, and think it goes very nicely with me windowed side panel. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks for reading! Before and after:
  2. Cpu - i5 4670KGpu - gtx 980Ram - 8 GB Awwwwwwww yeahhhhh
  3. Thanks for the advice! So does that mean that if I attach a 90deg fitting to a radiator, it still needs the compression fitting to attach to tubing? Or does the tubing attach right to the 90deg fitting and no additional fitting is needed? And thanks I will look into 1850RPM fans and thicker wall tubing!
  4. - Single GPU - Ok thanks for the advice, and yes I will add a drain valve thanks
  5. Hello fellow LTT users, I am in the process of making my first custom liquid cooling loop (very exciting stuff here). I did a lot of research and this is what I've come up with so far: Pump/res Combo (EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 PWM (incl. pump)) Radiator (EK-Coolstream SE 240 (Slim Dual)) Waterblock (EK-FC980 GTX - Nickel) Tubing (PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 16/12mm (Clear)) As you can probably see I went with all EK branded components, so I would also like to get matching EK fittings. The problem is that the world of fittings is dark and full of terror... Here are my guidelines: Inlet and outlet on pump/res should have 90deg fittings Inlet and outlet on waterblock should have 90deg fittings Inlet on rad should have 90deg fitting outlet on rad should have a straight fitting So does that mean I only need five 90deg fittings and one straight fitting? (FYI I want all compression fittings where I can, no barbed) Is there something I'm missing or can I complete my whole loop with just 6 fittings? (I'm only cooling my GPU with this loop, no CPU) My last question is what rpm fans do I need for the rad? EK's website sells like 6 different 120mm fan models, all at different rpm. Maybe there is a sweet spot for this? Anyway thanks for the help guys and gals, LTT community is the best for this kinda stuff. Thanks, nrc0
  6. I mean that's the whole reason I got a 980. I shouldnt have to throttle the gpu or lower the settings to make it work. I got it so I could run 1440p ultra settings at 60+fps which it should be able to do. I will post some logs and more data later later today
  7. By the way I swapped cards with my buddy and either of us had any problems, granted he has a bigger case and more airflow so that's probably why, but I had no problems with his card in my system. I think I'm just going to RMA it I don't see another option .
  8. So I think something is overheating in my computer, what it is, i'm not sure. If I leave the side panel off during the most intensive gaming I get average GPU temps of 60c and I NEVER CRASH. But when I leave it on it heats up to 80c average, my computer sounds like a jet engine, and the game/entire PC eventually crashes. I used to play 1080p ultra settings with my old Gtx760 and never had any problems, my computer ran smooth for 18+months. I'm trying to now run 1440p ultra settings with the 980, which should and does handle it, but then the problems stated above happens. Sometimes I get bluescreens, sometimes the game crashes to desktop and I can send crash report to developer, or somethings I get the error, "The display driver has stopped working and has recovered." Any insight? Should I just RMA the 980 and hope for the best? God this sucks lol
  9. So about a week ago, I was already having these issues for about a week already (I hope that makes sense lol) and I actually did a fresh install of windows 10. I reinstalled some games and I was still having issues. Microsoft was not letting me activate my version of windows for some reason so I thought that something funky happend with the download. Turns out I download windows 10 pro instead of home which is why it wouldnt let me activate because I only have a key for home and not pro. So I wiped my drives again and installed win 10 home this time and could finally activate it. Hoping my problem would be fixed, I downloaded a few game (again) and I still had crashes. Even after 2 installs of windows and countless driver reinstalls it didn't fix the problem, which leads me to believe its a hardware problem. Good point about updating windows though, I think it updates automatically but I will check when I get home from work. As far as memtest goes, I have already gone through 2 passthrough of it and it passed both times but I didn't realize I should leave it on for that long so I mighy have another go at it. After much convincing, a good friend of mine, who also has the exact same card as me (EVGA Gtx980 SC) is doing me a huge favor and we are swaping cards for the weekend. I think this will settle once and for all if its the card so i'm hoping for the best here. If he starts crashing I know its the card and if I keep crashing with his working card, then there are other factors at play here. I really appreciate all the help you've givin me so far and I will post back here with the results of the swap. Thanks again!
  10. I managed to get a screenshot of my temps about 2-3 mins before I got a crash, these numbers were pretty consistent while playing, does everything look good?
  11. So I ran 3 benchmarks. Firestrike, Cinebench, and Unigine Heaven. I ran multiple instances of each benchmark one after another for about 2 hours total and I am just baffled. NO crashes, not even once. My GPU temp never exceeded 80c and my results were nothing out of the ordinary. Even after all that testing, I started up Rainbow Six: siege, Rocket League and Assassin's creed Syndicate and the games are still crashing I just don't understand. I set up my second monitor so I could play and monitor at the same time and I found out that while my main screen with the game locks and freezes, my second screen is displaying a BSOD. I did multiple trials and I experience 2 different kinds of BSOD's. One said "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT dxgmms2.sys" and the other said "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" It looks like that is what is crashing my games. I tried looking them up online but I can't find a straight answer to what's causing it and just wondering if you or anyone knows what this could be?
  12. The problem is I just don't even know if its the card at this point. I think it has to be, but the other reason why I'm hesitant to send it back is because what if that's not the problem? Then I'm exchanging a perfectly good 980 for a refurbed one, waiting about 2 weeks to send it out and receive it, and STILL have the same problem. Im coming to you guys for help because I'm between a rock and a hard place and I need some insight. Thanks again
  13. I wish. Amazon offers 30 day returns and unfortunately I ordered it on Oct. 15 so too late for that
  14. I know how much of a pain it is not having enough info so I provided as much as I could thanks for the response! I will try some benchmarks tomorrow for sure. Doesn't taking apart the card void the warranty? I think i'd rather just send it in the go through the hassle of reapplying compound. Interesting thought though. The card does indeed look fine at a glance but I noticed the card is extremely hot to the touch, like I can't hold my fingers on the same spot for more than a few second. But then again maybe 70-80c just feels that hot i'm not sure.
  15. So I played Rocket League for about a half hour then I got a crash to desktop. Here are the Afterburner results...