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  1. Hello, I am photographer and cant decide between cpus for photo editing + in future 4k video edit. I cant decide between: ryzen 2700x (arround 183 dollars) , ryzen 3600 ( arround 230 dollars) or go for laptop with i7 9750h 32gb ram and use it as my main pc (connected to the monitor most of the time) + laptop would allow me to work on photos in the garden in summer. I believe that all those cpu´s wouldnt have problem with photos but what about 4k video ? I am not sure what sofware would I use for that yet. Thanks for advice
  2. Hello, as I quit PC gaming and game only on PS4 now I do think about selling my high end PC (i9,2080ti) and go for Macbook Pro 16 instead. I am photographer so i need computer to edit photos. For photo editing I am not affrad it will be powerfull enough. But I also recently started with video editing. Do you think base model Macbook 16 could handle it just well ? Its i7 (6core) , 16gb ram. Is 16gb ram enough ? It worries me the most. I dont mind to use final cut instead of premiere pro. 32gb version is unfotunately pretty expensive in my country. I also love the idea of working on garden with laptop which is something i cant do with my rig. At home, macbook would be connected to my 4k screen. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hello, how far away is usable cloud gaming service in your opinion ? I am not sure about buying new high end gaming rig (2080ti / 9900K) as cloud gaming is definitely replace it once and in my opinion its not that distant. Otherwise i am playing with idea of buying ps4/ps5 in the meantime as cheaper option ( if i would get used to controller) instead PC. Thank you
  4. Hello, what would be wiser choice 3900x or 9900k ? Price of whole build would be identical, also components would be identical except mobo. Usage: i am photographer so photo editing (Photoshop, Capture One) also 1440p 144hz gaming. Also I might want add a video editing in future (wedding clips) in adobe premiere. Thank you
  5. thanks. Yesterday i found out that it was caused by faulty DP connector on my monitor
  6. nope its locked both in windows and nvidia control panel
  7. Hello my resolution is suddenly locked at 640x480 and i cant change it. I tried to reinstall gpu drivers through DDU and then install them directly from website and also throught geforce experience - > didnt help. Even windows update - > display nvidia does the same. I also tried different GTX 1080ti and still the same thing. Then i decided to reinstall windows but again once display nvidia is downloaded in windows update issue is the same. Resolution is ok just with no drivers ( like when you uninstall them with ddu). Is that sort of hardware issue ? What is broken then ? Mobo or CPU ? my PC: i9 9900K, Dark Rock Pro 4, MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X trio, ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING
  8. Hello, as i quit pc gaming and only use ps4 pro now, I am playing with idea of buying freesync TV. Specifically Samsung QE65Q70R it should have response time: 3,7 ms and input lag 16ms . My monitor philips 276e8vjsb which i used with ps 4 with no problems had (minimum response time 4 ms, average response time 14ms, input lag 10ms). Do you think it would feel arround the same or would be tv less reponsive/delayed. As i am quite sensitive to it. Thank you
  9. Hello, right now i have ViewSonic VP3268-4K for photo and video editing and I would like to buy a second panel for gaming. Unfortunately 27" would be too small when I got used to 32". Sadly i cant find any 32" 100hz + panel that would be also IPS . Right now i am looking at LG 32GK850G (1440p, 144hz, gsync) which is VA. My question is wouldnt it feel weird constantly switching between VA and IPS ? Does anyone has the same combo ? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the response. I guess i will go for new 16" then.
  11. Hello, what could be expected life of macbook ? I wanted to buy base model 2019 13" but now i am thinking that maybe I would spend more a buy new Macbook 16". I would just use it as secondary maschine for photoediting. Thank you
  12. Hello, is someone using displaycal to calibrate screen ? Could you help me with proper settings ? . For panel type: Panda lm270pf1l . This is panel from Philips 276E8VJSB. I was thinking : mode LCD WHITE, 6500K, 2.2. Calibration Speed medium, 833 patches. Where i am not sure is the correction, could i leave it on auto or SPECTRAL: LCD WHITE LED FAMILY (lg, samsung, ac)? I use i1 display pro. THX
  13. Hello, i would like to buy laptop : ASUS ROG Strix G G731GT it is supposed to have 100% srgb + i can calibrate it with device xrite i1display, but what scared me is that display is called IPS-Level . What does it mean ? Is it good as ips ? Thanks
  14. Hello, can you get used to 1440 p monito when downgrading from 4K after some time ? Screen size 27". I am photographer and gamer. Previously i had 1440p screen for both editing and gaming and was totally happy, but then I left gaming for a year and bought 60hz 4k screen instead. Now i am back to gaming and bought 144hz 1440p nano-ips gaming screen which would be totally fine for photo editing after calibration. But the problem is photos are not as crisp (in some cases-in other cases its hard to tell the difference). Does someone have the same experience ? Can your eyes get used to 1440p again ? I would preferably sell my 4k 60hz as I dont like having 2 screens, otherwise I would just keep it for photo editing. I like all about my new 1440p 144hz gsync nano ips ( fluency of everything, ofc gaming, and colors are maybe even better than my 4k). Thanks
  15. Hello, i can buy RTX 2080ti in worst blower edition from dell prebuilt pc for a very nice price. Arround 850 dollars (new rtx 2080ti in my country cost arround 1250 dollars). I was thinking that I would put kraken g12 + aio on it. Is it compatible and do you think its a good idea ? Card is new with 3 years warranty ( which i would most likely lose anyway after moding with kraken g12), Thank you