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  1. i already have the monitors so I am not really planning on changing those. I am just changing the pc because the CPU really needs an upgrade which means the motherboard really needs an upgrade and while im at it I might as well go from dd3 - dd4 etc I do generally game on 1440 over 4k ones because for some reason the 4k one makes my eyes itch. (even tho its the exact same model... just in 4k xD)
  2. i dont think it will double but it should effect graphic performance a decent amount? (or am i just even stupidier then I expected? I mean im on here cause I know I know fuck all basically xD) and I had the idea of just putting the 4k into one of them and the 2 1440 into the other. and I just kind of always done it since like 2005. like even in this current system I swap to 2 of the top graphics cards for that gen. its just this system is so old it needs a cpu upgrade which leads to a motherboard upgrade which I now need to go from ddr3 to ddr4 and the powersupply is old so I might as well change that and my brother fucked my case up so fuck it might as well change that (he forced 2 different USB`s in upside down…) the hardrive was top of the line 10 years ago but not today(pretty much the same with the rest). so it just feels a bit weird going "IM TAKING ONLY THE 1080s!". I am not really a how or why kind of person im just a results based kind of person. "smashing a lock with a hammer took 5 seconds and trying to unpick it took you 5 minutes" sort of thing.
  3. ok I will follow your advice about the motherboard and cpu but could you provide some input on the firecuba 510 vs samsung 970 pro thing? I would like to stick with the h150 because I am not personally a fan of big heatsinks. the ram and graphics card I am a bit one way or the other if they do the job sort of thing.
  4. real answer? rpg vs a sniper. its also just the motherboard I see listed with the 9900k the most and I dont know much about motherboards so i just by the "the has gotta be SOME reason". but im just going "gpu? yes, all the storage?yes etc etc" but now im interested in the LN2 thing. I work with it a decent amount so sounds fun.
  5. im sorry but could you explain what you mean by LN2? like my brain goes to liquid nitrogen but surly you mean something else...
  6. I am sorry could you explain this in greater detail to me? I though the Rog one had all the normal protections? if not then that would be a factor that would make me change supplies.
  7. Mostly just a "my taste" sort of thing like with the power supply its just being able to see the power on the side of the supply itself. Its not a big thing, its not an important thing but its something I want so i am willing to spend the extra. Same sort of thing with the case. No one has it and I think it looks interesting and reminds me of my R1 so I want to try it. If I end up not liking it I dont really mind the money I spent on it and will just buy another case and give the antec one to a friend. So yeah no real reason but personal taste (insert picture of being an "I-idiot with 2 coffee cups and one being $4 and one being $12)
  8. sorry this is my first time using this forum i dont know if a "quote" and a reply are the same thing. I have AC which is on 24/7 which I keep the room at 16 C with (I like it cold). I was hoping if I put more fans on it would allow more air to pass the vent (instead of putting a Delta PFR0912xHE on it or something lol
  9. Hello guys I am planning to kill my current PC and build a new one since I have had this one for 10 years. Because this is my first PC build I want to see if any people can find any issues with m ideas and how to address them. My budget is kind of unlimited as i have lobbed aside £200 a week for the last year so I got about £10k to mess around with (but I am not trying to spend 10k for spending sake) The build is designed to be a gaming set up mostly for 2 1440p 144 monitors and 1 4k 144 monitor. However it will also be used for 3D work. As for look I am going for a Black and White theme mostly with hints of blue. (not sure if that effects anything) ( i will put all the parts on their own line so they stand out) The case I am planning to put it in is the Antec Torque mostly just for style choices. The motherboard I am planning on is MSI MEG Z390 Godlike (unless something happens in july I am waiting for public amd results) and for the Cpu the generic Intel i9-9900k (unless the stuff with AMD makes me change my mind) for the Ram I am planning to use Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB DDR4-3200MHz (4 sticks) As for memory I am deciding between a FireCuda 510 SSD and a samsung 970 pro (I would like some help with this decision) on top of that I will have a Intel Optane 32 gb to boost a seagate barracuda pro 12tb due to the height of the ram I am planning to go with a H150i pro for the CPU cooler a question I have regarding this cooler is how many fans can I put on it without fucking up the rest of the pc? I was planning to put 6 fans on it (3 push 3 pull) and mount it on the front of the case since I think the is to much space at the front and the is not much filling it up so I might as well lower the temperatures a bit. The fans I am planning to put on the cooler are the ML120 PRO RGB LED 120MM PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan (i copy and pasted that cba to type lol) and for the case the 140 version of the same fans. this would 3 case fans on top being 140 mm and 6 at the front for the radiator. Would I be able to fit all these fans in? (i know the benefit is minimal but if the is a benefit I want to do it my room gets to hot as it is because it is above a kitchen and is stupidly isolated so like no heat escapes) The power supply I am planning to use is the ROG Thor ATX12V/EPS12V mostly so i can see the power it is using by just glancing at the side of the case. Lastly the GPU I plan to use are 2 ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti which is another reason I want the 6 fans at the front and 3 at the top. The cost so far is looking about £5450 with GPUS and £3050 without GPUS. So those are my plans if you have any advice and if the are any other things I should wait for apart from AMD let me know. .