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  1. fatherearth

    Need major help. Case fans not working

    the part that connects to the motherboard is the right. Its a fan header
  2. I have a MSI b450 gaming pro carbon and a rotanium temper-tg302 RGB case which comes with 4 pre-installed fans. These fans are 5 pins. The case also comes with a controller which has 8 slots for 5 pins, a few slots for 2 pins, im not sure what goes there and a sata cable which also has a part that connects to a wire that connects to the motherboard. I initially had the 4 fans connected to the controller and then had the sata connected to a another sata cable which was connected to my HDD. The RGB worked ( it has a small remote with rgb buttons) but the fans were running at 100% and they wouldnt show up on my motherboard BIOS. It would says 0rpm for the system fans. Now i connected it through a SATA cable and to the motherboard, tried system_fan 1 2 3 and 4. Fans spin again at 100% but no information on bios. And now the RGB isnt working. Tried doing it just through motherboard but this time nothing spins and no RGB. Tried connecting it to the PSU sata cable and motherboard, no RGB but 100% spinning and no information on BIOS. Can anyone please help me? https://imgur.com/a/eIMDdfC#yb6iX8Kalbum of my controller.