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  1. Xbox Announced it will release a cloud based console with no optical drive and no on hand storage for games. Will this be the new way for gaming? Will everyone have unlimited online storage or is this a new way to squeeze more money out of gamers?? I would like to hear peoples thoughts and maybe LTT can see if they can get a review of the xbox 2020 concept?
  2. Hey LTT Group, I had this crazy thought that popped in my head the other day. Plus, I enjoy seeing Linus and everyone create your custom PC's I wanted to propose am idea for a complete PC/Server bundle. 1 Custom case housing 2 separate Motherboards, 1 desktop 1 server, Make it Workstation or Gaming Desktop doesn't matter, Cooling method whatever you come up with preferred Liquid cooling. Server must have a hot-swap HDD system (SSD or Mechanical) So this would be trick 1, trick 2 would be to have an interface capable to interact between the two systems using same keyboard and mouse. Maybe there is a keyboard mouse bundle that has a system switch built in. Anywho, like I said a crazy concept... I hope it is one that sparks a new fun video!