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    Event ID 41 Task Category 63

    I figured. Thank you!
  2. Hey folks, Im having a persistent error and im hoping someone can help. My PC seems to be randomly losing power and restarting in the middle of completely random tasks and at random times. Every time the error appears as Event ID 41, Task Category 63 (kernel-power) in event viewer. Things i have done to try to fix this at this point include: disabling MCE replacing my PSU both fixes failed and my problem persists. here is my part list. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ggfNhy i have XMP profile 1 enabled, other than that my CPU and GPU are running at stock frequency. All of my temperatures look normal. All i can find on the internet suggests i have a hardware problem. At this point i'm guessing it's my motherboard? If anyone has any insight i would appreciate it.