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  1. Oh wow! Thanks guys! This helps me out a bunch! Any more ideas are welcome obviously...
  2. I’m looking to build a computer that is capable of running AutoCAD. But on the cheaper end (under $1,000). I know you are laughing about now but anyhow!! At my job I don’t use CAD a lot, but enough to know the my current laptop (HP ZBook) is not at all sufficient. It’s aggrivating the crap out of me obviously! I’ve been asked what I need for my job or what would make my job easier. Now I have built only one PC before so I’m not that experienced when it comes to all the specs and stuff that goes with it. Like what type of CPU, Graphics Card, Memory, etc. I do need windows 10 pro I know that! Now as far as intel or amd, I am an intel fan but I’m flexible if it’s would be cheaper to go with amd. I have 2 displays and possibly will be getting a 3rd and maybe a 4th. What’s your thoughts on this?!