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  1. Hello! I have I5 7500 and GTX 1660. Im interested whether I will encounter any problems in modern games, and in games that will come out in a year or two, specifically, problems with CPU. I plan on gaming only at 1080p.
  2. Razerzz

    How will my PC do in 2019?

    The thing is, in my country RX 580 costs about 180‎€, but GTX 1660 costs 200‎€. I don't mind paying extra 20‎€ for better performance. And don't mention Amazon, it's not worth it for me to buy GPU's from there, because the prices are basically the same as in my country, sometimes GPU's on Amazon are even more expensive.
  3. Hello! So recently I got an I5 7500, and im planning to buy a GTX 1660, right now I have GTX 1050 Ti. My question is, does the I5 7500 pairs well with GTX 1660? And how will this build perform in 2019 and in next 2 years or so? I plan on playing 1080p with high settings, maybe even ultra on some games, but im not against turning down settings to medium if situation calls for it.
  4. Razerzz

    Is 450w enough to power my pc?

    Indeed I did. It was 129£ on Amazon. Also, I didnt want to upgrade my motherboard, at least not yet.
  5. Hello everyone! I recently upgraded my CPU from Intel G4560 to i5 7500. Right now, i have GTX 1050 ti, and im planning to buy GTX 1660. I have Corsair VS450 PSU. I know, i know, this PSU is not really reliable, hell, it is even considered bad, but it did a fairly good job powering my G4560 and GTX 1050 ti. My question is, should I buy a new PSU, or is 450W enough for i5 7500 and GTX 1660? I do plan on buying a new PSU, thinking of buying a 650W one, but right now I dont have enough budget for both GPU and PSU. So that's why I want to know if I can live with a 450W PSU for 2 months or so, and then i could upgrade my PSU.