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  1. Bro when i'm connecting the headphone with Logitec G510S keyboard which has inbuilt audio controller,i'm getting proper audio with mic,so there is no problem in headphone.Also headphone works properly with inbuilt realtek audio manager driver. And i am having logitec Z906 surround sound speaker system & i am connecting through SPDIF(Optical cable),the speaker delivers excellent audio with this Xonar DX audio card. My concern is this card is working fine with speakers but why not working for headphones??
  2. I installed the xonar unified drivers and connected the headphone to the jacks but still the problem exists. The headphone mic is properly working but there is no audio coming to headphone. Please tell me the xonar audio settings so i will check it.
  3. Trying in another jack but still microphone is working but audio is not coming So trying to install the unified xonar drivers,so please tell me which one should i select during installation??
  4. Please somebody tell me how to connect Gaming headphone (MSI GH-60) to the sound card properly??I am having the Xonar DX sound card Because when I am connecting it to the sound card audio is not coming but microphone is working,as far my knowledge I have done almost all the troubleshooting process that I have. I am connecting the headphone to the sound card as per the given user manual but still audio is not coming. Please help anyone!!!