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  • CPU
    Intel Xeon W3690 (4.0Ghz)
  • Motherboard
    ASRock X58 Deluxe (Bios 3.0)
  • RAM
    12GB Triple Channel DDR3 (3x2gb Patriot 1330 and 3x2gb G-Skill 1330)
  • GPU
    PowerColor RX580 8gb
  • Case
    Antec 900
  • Storage
    Adata SU630 260gb SSD and WD Black 750gb HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair TX 750w 80+ Bronze
  • Display(s)
    HP 21 in 1080p 60hz LCD
  • Cooling
    Sycthe Katana 3
  • Keyboard
    Razor Lycosa Mirror
  • Mouse
    CM Storm sentinel 3
  • Sound
    Razer Megladon 7.1
  • Operating System
    Window 10
  1. DilbertOfTheHood

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    I've upgraded from an i7-920 to a Xeon W3690 and it was worth the upgrade. eBay had a few for sale. I bought mine from keystone memory (I think that was the name of the seller)
  2. DilbertOfTheHood

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    As you can see if the other picture, I think my problem is with the RAM. One stick doesn't like to show up. I can take it out and re seat it on the Motherboard and I may work for a time, but when I restart my computer it crashes and starts again with that same DIM missing. I've tested and that stick seems to be the culprit I think. It certainly won't work at the 1330 speed it was made for. But even with that stick removed I have crashing problems.
  3. I've only just started this OC journey a few days ago with. Xeon W3690 on an X58. Your memory control is built into your CPU. So any change to the Base clock (BCLK) will change your memory clock rate proportionally. You can adjust the memory (DRAM) clock by changing the memory multiplier. (x8, x10, etc.) So that would be BCLK x 8 = memory clock if running an x8 multiplier. (So a 133 base clock with x10 multiplier would yield a 1330MHz clock speed.) Based on your BCLK and memory clock I can tell your memory multiplier is at x6. (196x6=1176MHz) (My ASRock Mobo just lists the memory clock rates and not the x8 or x10 part) The trick is balancing you memory clock rate with the QPI frequency and the Uncore, along with voltages for DRAM and IOH. From what I've been able to research the Uncore frequency getting too high tends to destabilize a person's OC. Personally I am still in this journey and will tackle more tonight. Last night I fixed an issue with my DRAM timing because I'm using two different triple channel kits (one by Patriot and one by g-skill) and the timings are different between them. I got a stable clock to 4.0 GHz CPU finally after doing that. Going to try clocking the memory higher as I'm still not getting good speeds yet.
  4. DilbertOfTheHood

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    ASRock X58 Deluxe (bios 3.0, latest) CPU cooler is Sythe Katana 3 12gb ram 750w PSU by Corsair As far as the QPI, I'm completely ignorant of those settings. I've been working mostly with BCLK frequency, Multipliers, and CPU Voltage. When I get home I'll take a screen shot or two of my bios. I'll also try to scan the backlog of posts in this thread. Additional system Specs are in my signature.
  5. DilbertOfTheHood

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    So I recently purchased a Xeon W3690 to drop into my X58. I want to OC it to 4.0GHz bit I can't get it past 3.6 without it crashing (BSOD and/or crash to black). It also will crash and restart at least once before getting to bios. I'm upping my CPU Voltage in Bios, but HW Monitor won't read past 1.24v. I need some advice on how to get a stable OC to 4.0GHz.
  6. DilbertOfTheHood

    Help required in finding failing component

    When you say freezes, do you mean the mouse freezes or just that programs won't load?
  7. DilbertOfTheHood

    PC not working after new CPU

    Either you Installed everything wrong or the board is bad. The LED light indicate each components isn't working normally. So...
  8. DilbertOfTheHood


    Make sure you motherboard isn't resting on anything conductive when you do this. The mother board box is a decent enough test platform.
  9. DilbertOfTheHood

    PC not working after new CPU

    Well they might know what the 4 LED on the Mobo mean and can troubleshoot too. Just a thought.
  10. DilbertOfTheHood

    Stability issues and boot cycling before start

    I forgot to add specs. CPU Xeon W3690 X58 ASRock motherboard (3.0 bios) 12gb RAM (3x 2gb g-skill 1330, 3x2gb Patriot 1330, all DDR3 in triple channel) RX580 8gb Corsair 750w PSU Adata 260gb SSD (boot) WD 750 gb black HDD Antec 900 case
  11. DilbertOfTheHood

    PC not working after new CPU

    If it's a new board, call customer care. They may be able to RMA it
  12. DilbertOfTheHood

    Stability issues and boot cycling before start

    I've tried step by step incremental clocking. I can't get past 3.6ghz I'm noticing that no matter how high I crank the voltage it doesn't seem to crest 1.25v and the voltage doesn't match my setting. Could be set to 1.35v and still get around 1.25v
  13. So I recently upgraded to a Xeon W3690 on my ASRock Deluxe Motherboard. But I'm having stability issues. I've overclocked the CPU to 4.0ghz. (133bclk at 30 multiplier.) I've adjust voltage to 1.36v. but I'm having boot loop issues where my computer will boot loop two times before starting up. And I'm having BSOD a minute or two into windows. Voltage readings are at 1.28v with HW Monitor. Temps at around 40c I'm also having problems were occasionally the computer won't recognize some of my RAM modules. Any advice on how I can make this run stable at 4.0GHz?
  14. DilbertOfTheHood

    What motherboard should I buy ?

    I'm using a LGA1366, X58 Motherboard. Been 10 years and counting on it. You can also pick up a Xeon W3690 for cheap and have a 6 core 3.7ghz (4+GHz OC) CPU.