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  1. Well I bought a $10 case while challenging my friend to build a PC under $70 that time the case has very short cab
  2. SeAsOn3

    Gtx 1660ti vs vega 56

    Vega 56 is waaaayyyyyyyy better than 1660 ti
  3. SeAsOn3

    dead/stuck pixel gone?

    Well I can tell the shop gave you a bad monitor and the pixel will COMEBACK * I ain't trolling go get the monitor fixed
  4. SeAsOn3

    Best aftermarket RTX 2080 Super?

    East or west founder's edition are the best any ways of you wanna go cheap go for Galax or inno3d or if you love RGB go for aourus or rog strix
  5. SeAsOn3

    How can I make my crush like me?

    I'm 14 and I wanna make my crush like me (in India)
  6. I have just installed Windows 10 and visual basic 6.0 I previously used Windows 7 where vb worked right but now the vb ain't working whenever I make a project and try to run it, it stops working I tried program compability with various Windows versions and tried changing many settings but it still happens So plz help me
  7. SeAsOn3

    Vibration when touching pc parts

    Check if there is any coil in the mobo any ways @Jurrunio may also be right The rig specs might be helpful
  8. SeAsOn3

    Is this zalman psu too bad?

    Well I myself use a $11 non certified iBall PSU anyways what could go wrong with the 80+ smps
  9. I can't understand what you are saying but according to my understanding skills your cables are short in that case I will suggest you to get a USB connector extender for $10 on AliExpress
  10. SeAsOn3

    GPU for my kid

    A rx 470 would be a choose if you go used but I would prefer a gtx 106 if you have really nice bargaining skills BTW I'm a 14 year old and to be honest I just roam around in GTA 5 and go to the strip club when nobody is near
  11. SeAsOn3

    Which one do you recommend? (RX 570)

    Ummm maybe the 4gb one
  12. SeAsOn3

    How Do You Protect Printed Mousemats?

    You should not be worried about it cause as far I know both inked and ironed mouse pad work for a long time but ensure that you don't eat, experiment with fluids , masturbate near the mouse pad
  13. I've been keeping my mouth for 2 hour so here's the spoilers for spider Man far from home Waring you lock this thread or report - you are a weasel
  14. https://cukusa.com/cuk-continuum-micro-amd-raven-ridge-gaming-desktop.html So I found this on cukusa computers which is a very reliable place to buy RGB stuff but with the release of 3200g there's a new PC for $379 which comes with a320 Mobo(yo can also choose b450) but as 3200g is 3rd gen and AMD is telling that a320 will not support 3rd gen So I have 2 questions Is it a scam? Or the 3200g works on a320 Also I have some explainations The box of 3200g says 2nd gen so it'll work The 3200g uses zen+ instead of the new Zen 2 so it'll work
  15. SeAsOn3

    Rs 20000 challenge

    Nope just seeing what trolls and PC building masters will build under Rs 20000 and stop asking questions and try to recommend a build if you can't then get lost!