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  1. Streaming and gaming at same time. 720p 30 fps A h61 Mobo
  2. Well I posted 2 threads about getting a streaming PC in which my budget were $600 and then $300 but now the budget has fallen to $200 because of my biology teacher who gave me wrong marks. So what's the cheapest PC (which can stream fortnite) under $350 (I have$150 lying around somewhere) also before you suggest a used part make sure they are available in India.
  3. Hello guys in my last post I told that I'll start my twitch channel with the $600 PC shown in the video(check that post for more info) . But as in one of my old posts I told that my parents won't buy me anything expensive.(even if they can) So after a lot of convincing they agreed to pay$300 instead of$600 so change of plans. new build specs CPU: Xeon e3 1230 (not v2) Mobo: Intel dh61bf GPU: GTX 1050 ti (gigabyte g1 oc Ed) RAM: 2x 4gb ddr3 1333mhz PSU: Corsair vs450 CPU cooler: thermal take ux100 So can I stream on this PC? (Note: I'll be gaming and streaming on this same PC) Thnx in advance
  4. oh hohohoho soryy my bad so can i stream nfs heat and other games???????
  5. 2600 as i told the price is high (really high) i dont need overall performance i only care about streaming, editing, gaming performance
  6. i am going for a 2nd gen ryzen as they utilize high frequency ram more effectively than 1st gen ryzens and i'll be using 3200mhz ram
  7. well I am a teenager from India looking forward to start his Twitch channel , most of the the budget streaming pc builds i watched used a ryzen 5 2600. But the price of 2600(in India) is as high as it was during launch turning a $650 build to $750 build, but i watched this vid. which used a 2200g and streamed at 720p well if its possible to stream with a 4 core processor . Then can i stream nfs heat with it
  8. Ok sir it's 12:30 in my country so you can either leave or suggest me any Mobo with rgb header
  9. I don't think Asus is a janky company but the Mobo is really jank how can a A320 Mobo be gaming for God's sake.