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  1. LucasLennon

    USB to Audio Jack?

    Hi all! I have a question for all the people that are much smarter than me - if you have any knowledge that would be much appreciated! I have just ordered a new camera, and would like to start some amateur videography. I have a RODE NT-USB Microphone (which is significantly better than the built-in mic) which I would like to hook up with the new camera, however the camera has an audio-in 3.5mm jack, and my microphone I want to use has a USB plug. Can I buy a cheap & easy "USB to 3.5 Audio Jack" adaptor thingy and that'll work? Or will I need another microphone? Thanks in advance for any advice! - Lucas. P.S Sorry in advance if this subject is in the wrong area on the forum, this is a first time using this site haha!