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  1. I've been using the Hyperx Cloud II's for over three years now and they've served me perfectly, sadly they're starting to die and so I decided it was time to find an upgrade for them. What I'm looking for, on a budget of 200-250€, is for the same level (or superior) level of comfort, better audio, and the microphone should at least be of the same quality. So far I've looked at the HyperX Cloud Revolver S which seem to have slightly better audio over these ones but I'd rather know what other people think!
  2. I've been considering buying both a GPU and a Monitor, but due to budget limitations I ended up facing a wall. I have two options: Go for the RTX 2060 and a 27" 1440p Monitor (TN) at 75Hz or go for a RTX 2070 and stay with my 21,5" 1080p Monitor and then buy a monitor later. please note that the RTX 2070 is going for exactly 500$ (which considering the bloody taxes in my country it's awesome) I'm currently rocking a GTX 1060 3Gb if that helps Which one should I opt for?
  3. Regarding your "8 gb (4x2) + 16gb (8x2) dual channel" wouldn't it be called quad channel? Four out of Four DIMMS are occupied so that's what I expect it to be, correct? But nonetheless thanks for the explanation!
  4. I know this will sound very weird but please bear with me. Here's the thing I currently have two DDR4 4Gb "sticks" of RAM at 2133Mhz, and I've been thinking in buying other two DDR4 CL15 8Gb "sticks" at the same speed, will they (not from the same manufacturer) run nicely with each other provided the configuration is the same? What can I do to make them run nicely if they won't work together or do they set automatically to the weakest link configuration? (yes I really have to do it this way sorry) Part numbers and manufacturers for reference: Samsung M378A5143EB1-CPB G.Skill F4-2133C15D-16GNT Thanks in advance all!
  5. You're totally right, after your comment I did some research and your point proved absolutely true. Plus 32 inches is just a bit under a TV so I don't know what went through me when I thought it was a good idea... I looked up the BenQ GL2706PQ, is it a good one?
  6. I've been considering adding this so called "Hp 32s" to my setup. I'll be pairing it up with a 21,5" monitor that'll be used only for shooters and everything else on that monitor. Here's what I'll be doing on the 31,5" Hp32s: City Builder games and strategy games like those from "Total War" and "Paradox" ; Content Consumption such as watching movies, videos, reading, going to forums, facebook and twitter, etc; light video editing (short FPV drone flights) ; and having it as a second monitor for when I'm gaming so I can have say Discord on it. I usually stay 60cm up to 1m way from my monitor(1.96ft to 3.3ft) 60 when I'm playing and the rest when I'm laying back watching videos or writing or maybe just scrolling down on twitter. So here's the question: Is the monitor good for my case? If yes what makes it good if not what makes it bad and what would you recommend (note I want something not smaller than 27") Thanks in advance all!