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  1. Zidous

    Problem with GTX 1650 drivers

    I have, it doesn't seem to work either.
  2. Zidous

    Problem with GTX 1650 drivers

    I downloaded the latest drivers after doing DDU then I did a custom install and did clean install then about 1/6 of the way into the install it blacks out
  3. Zidous

    Problem with GTX 1650 drivers

    also this doesn't help because yeah I do get into the desktop on a normal boot but I cant do anything productive without drivers
  4. Zidous

    Problem with GTX 1650 drivers

    Yes I have I ran DDU doing all of the options I did NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel.
  5. Hello, I just recently bought a gtx 1650 and installed it in my pc everything was working fine, until I installed drivers then the screen instead of the normal flickering it blacked out. so after waiting a long time I reset my pc and I am still able to access bios and see things in safe mode. I did all the normal steps such as disabling onboard gpu and making the peg the default or updating bios to the latest version. nothing seems to work. I went through Microsoft support, NVIDIA support, and Zotac support; after doing so they all lead to one conclusion that my card was broken so, I sent the card back and got a new one. However the problem persists I got a new power supply and I followed all of the system requirements and nothing has worked can someone please help me?