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    Terrible WIFI connection on Motherboard

    Well, I've just installed the drivers from MSI, and now i see speeds in the 40 Mb/s, so I'll see that as a win! thanks Guys! @fasauceome @mariushm Apologies for not quoting, I'm new around here, as a poster anyway
  2. MortenB

    Terrible WIFI connection on Motherboard

    The antennas are connected yes, and I have tryed different positions. At this point im using a 5 Ghz connection. The drivers though, are the default ones from windows, I'll try and update them from MSI's website to see if that works
  3. So, I've been pulling my hairs out over this lately; I've always had a slow internet connection due to various reasons, however recently I got a 100 Mb/s connection, wich was awesome I thought. But no, my computer, witch is rocking an MSI MPEG Z390 Gaming Edge mini Itx motherboard, still gets a connection no faster than 5-8 Mb/s. I've tried to put my laptop directly on top of my computer, and it recieves 95 Mb/s without a hitch. I've tried to update my drivers, but that did nothing for me. and sadly, ethernet cabling isn't an option as of yet. Do any of you clever heads have any ideas? cause I'm kinda stuck