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  1. Oh, ok all good then. As to your question, you could almost go to the 3700X. It's a tough call. The extra cores and threads may make a bit of a difference in editing and future proofing in some games. But it's a big % jump up in price right now. Maybe think about how long this config needs to last you for before you can upgrade. I'm not sure what your current RAM speed is, but the new Ryzens are well paired with DDR4 at at least 3000Mhz, so at least 16GB of that should be an equal priority, if not already factored.
  2. Wait, are you factoring the motherboard into this? I assumed you already had leaving this budget available but perhaps not?
  3. You have a decent budget so you have some choices here. It sounds like you are looking for a multipurpose machine, and everything we have seen in the last couple weeks says that should be pointing you in the direction of Ryzen 3xxx IMHO the answer really depends on what you will do with this machine the most. R5 3600 is a good performance for the price. That will give you plenty of change for gpu horsepower if AAA gaming on a high spec monitor or cuda aided editing is the bigger thing for you. If fast workloads that take advantage of more cores / threads is more of the priority, that points more to something like a 3900x and a tier down on the gpu. I always remind myself that upgrading the gpu is much easier than the cpu and possibly mobo in the medium-long term, too.
  4. pritch

    Graphics card under $60

    If you can get that for under 60, great. If you had a generic 500w supply that might be borderline, but an evga one should be ok.
  5. pritch

    Is Fallout 76 worth buying?

    Yeah I'm talking momentary dips here due to the nature of the game and the world - like the vast majority of the time you will see 60 no problem.
  6. pritch

    Is Fallout 76 worth buying?

    You should generally be able to maintain 60fps. There are one or two areas of the gameworld that you might struggle to maintain that all the time, probably in the city or certain viewpoints. But generally you should be fine with those specs.
  7. pritch

    Is Fallout 76 worth buying?

    Yes, more or less. But it's not as good an RPG as the previous games. If you prefer a more FPS experience, then 4 will feel more familiar, but if you like RPGs really play Fallout 3, it's a classic.
  8. pritch

    Is Fallout 76 worth buying?

    If you want an old gamer's advice play Fallout 3, NV and 4, in that order
  9. Ah, scratch that, the 2TB QLC model has now come down under £200! It was a couple of weeks since I was looking at this. So I guess that takes care of that!
  10. Thanks. I was thinking more about total storage capacity for the price, rather than ultimate speed. The Intel QLC NVMe are now just under £100 for 1TB model, but 2TB (my preferred capacity for my games library going forward) is still more than double that. Same is true for SATA drives, I could get two 1TB SATA drives for about the same, but if there's a faster / less bulky solution I'd probably favour it at the same price. The QLC limitations hopefully wouldn't show up on games library duty
  11. I slightly agree with SolarNova, I think AMD are finally releasing competitive chips at a given pricepoint, rather than delivering any sort of deathblow. As Linus said, that competition is great in itself anyway, for us. The R5 is probably the most competitive? I'm a gamer so I guess that's my perspective, but looking at the Gamers Nexus benches it seems AMD is now killing it with the 3900 for those whose choice of software for work benefits from extra threads. This is tempered by the boards for me, I really don't like the small proprietary coolers either and that would make me think twice, also I've seen newish X470 boards fail on a couple of people now so even though that doesn't necessarily prove / mean anything, I have to admit it does affect my confidence. I wouldn't even be looking at 570 until it's bedded in though, so I guess I can wait and watch.
  12. I have an Asus Z170-A that's now a few years old. When I built my current PC I could only afford conventional 250GB SATA SSD and 1TB HDD combination. My Steam games are on the HDD. With prices falling I would like to upgrade storage to move my games on to some combination of SSDs. I could easily add a single m2 SSD, but I also started to look at the possibility of a RAID 0 configuration making use of the dedicated m2 and also a vacant PCIe slot. I'm confused about PCIe lanes and if my board will support two new SSDs in this configuration? I have a GTX 1070 at 16x and from what I can see the Z170-A has 16+4 lanes. If I try to run an m2 at 4x and another in a PCIe slot at 4x, will I be over what's possible? Would I perhaps need to run the 1070 at 8x? Is this proposition even a good idea??
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Ain't that always the way..
  14. Yeah I did take a look at X79, I just think it might be overkill at this time for what I'm doing here. It would be more future proof if I come to drop in a newer GPU or do something other than gaming with this theoretical build, but it's also quite a bit more money right now if I'm looking to individual parts, mobos are even more than X58 and they're already pricey. The CPUs are a lot more. There are one or two i7 bundles floating around, I wouldn't rule one out but I'd have to get a really good deal. Yeah again, an X5660 already represents a quantum leap over any Core 2 Quad, and can be had for £12. Oh yes, I do like to tinker. That's half the fun, right? I see you have a link to X58 info which I will check out, but can you recommend any boards?
  15. I frequently stay at my folks' place on vacation and have a mATX tower there to pretty much keep me sane. It's a lot of bits from my 2009 main build, which was eventually killed off by mobo failure. I'd sold all the DDR2 but when I was resurrecting found an MSI mobo combo with an E8400, 8GB DDR3 @ 1333 for very cheap, like £35, so I took out the E8400, popped my old faithful Q6600 in, with an SSD, my old 640GB HDD for games lib, and my old R9 270. It's.. ok, surprisingly not too bad at low settings. I'm fairly certain the CPU is the bottleneck in anything remotely triple-Aish. It's G41 chipset, not so great (does anyone on here even remember Socket 775?!) - the only overclocking is the FSB and while the Q6600 gamely runs at 3GHz all day long (I had it at 3.2 back in the day on its proper board), it's hot (I admittedly should've changed the cooler anyway as I think it's 65w solution for that E8400) and quite noisy. At this point I'm thinking, nice as it's been to resurrect a great old chip, I may need to retire that mobo and CPU intact to a place of honour, and drop in a slightly newer replacement, reusing everything else - key word here is slightly, I don't want to pay much (not used too often) and yeah it's still only an R9 270, so. The sensible thing might be to find a circa i5 2500 bundle, but that's kinda boring. I looked into dropping a modded Xeon 5450 in to the existing mobo, but I've ruled that out due to breaking up the current board, bios and other issues with the 771 in 775 thing, and a 120w TDP for relatively marginal performance, so that's out. X58 and Socket 1366 just appeals somehow, I've never done a Xeon based build and I kinda like the irony of an old ghetto PC build having more cores and 3x the threads of any main PC I've had (upgrade path was/is Q6600 to i5 6600K). I say this because the X5660 can be had for real cheap, like much cheaper than a 2500 for similar perf, and is 6C/12T. The issue is definitely boards. There's a lot of Chinese X58 mATX boards on ebay but I really don't know about these. If anyone has any experience at all I'd be interested to know. I can find very little info. They're certainly cheap, I could pair it with a X5660 for like £50ish, but would I just have a £50 tea tray. So I'm also looking at old workstation boards like HP Z400. Can also be had cheap, quality should be good, only issue here is ATX not mATX and I don't really want to buy a new case, but *sigh* I might if I have to. Am I nuts? What would you do here. Let me know, and if you see any issues with this as I'm out of my comfort zone a bit here. But yeah, I kinda want to build a Xeon. Just because!!