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  1. I built a really budget build and the ram i used is barebones Kingston ram, I was thinking of getting a 3rd party hyper x ram heatsinks, will it affect my performace as a friend told me they come without heatsinks because they are too warm to have them, sounds like a load of lies. Thanks
  2. FourKayStudios

    £200 Budget PC

    its a 600w, i know that it requires 2 molex to power 1 6pin
  3. FourKayStudios

    £200 Budget PC

    Thats my point, been told they can be dual molexed into the 6 pin so if get a card with a 6 pin, would it be safe to use 2 molexes to 6
  4. FourKayStudios

    £200 Budget PC

    I understand that, but i need her system to run before i can make upgrades, i just needed to know about the gtx750ti cards as i am not experienced with cards with possible 6 pin
  5. FourKayStudios

    £200 Budget PC

    This is as budget as possible, i don't have SSD in my £500 gaming PC, when i can i will sort an SSD but boot times aint a big issue at the moment.
  6. FourKayStudios

    £200 Budget PC

    I am planning a build for my girlfriend, I am planning to get a Dell OptiPlex (390 DT Intel Core i5-2600 3.4GHz, 8GB DDR3, 500GB HDD) and add a GTX 750ti card to it, it will mostly be used for photoshop and Netflix and light gaming such as CSGO. I have noticed that the GTX 750ti needs a 6pin connector but the PSU (600w) I prepurchased doesn't have a 6pin but it does have 2 spare Molex cables, Would it be safe for me to buy a dual Molex to single 6pin to power the 750ti. If it is safe can someone direct me towards a good safe, dual Molex to 6pin as she is very limited on tech knowledge and I won't be there all the time to fix stuff if it goes wrong. Thanks (Edit: After some response off other forums i have been informed that there are 750ti models that do not require 6 pin, So a point in the right direction with that would also be apricated)