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  1. RampageGent

    low fps in games

    my max power is 105 while my current power is mostly around 80-100 at 95-100% usage the tempreture is around 63
  2. RampageGent

    low fps in games

    this is an rtx 2080 were talking about on 1080p thats not normal fps iv got friends with gtx 1660ti with higher fps
  3. RampageGent

    low fps in games

    i know but what im trying to say is that the fps should be above or around 144 so i can use it fully
  4. RampageGent

    low fps in games

    yes its not that low but for the specs and the 144hz that fps is not that good and the drivers are up to date and the bios and the windows
  5. RampageGent

    low fps in games

    i have an i5 9600k,RTX 2080 16gb ddr4 3200mhz msi MPG procarbon z390 with a sata ssd and for some reason my fps is really low for my specs iv test different ram motherboards cpus and my gpu usage clock speed power consumption is all normal but my fps is Rainbow Six Siege:70-100 Insurgency sandstorm:60-80 CSGO:230-280 on a 144hz display
  6. RampageGent

    gpu usage low

    heres the thing sometimes when im not doing anything the boost clock just randomly goes up both it and memory clock on the gpu on msi afterburner
  7. RampageGent

    gpu usage low

    oh yeah i just remembered on msi after burner my gpu somtimes pulses to 7000mhz on mem and 1650 on clock also iv checked benchmarks on the games im playing and they in no way resemble what i get in games in Rainbow six siege:avg 120fps battlefield 1:avg 70 would changing my motherboard effect anything at all
  8. RampageGent

    gpu usage low

    about the virus thing i thought of that and i just reformatted my pc before posting this but its still the same and the cpu is being taken up by the game or something like antmalware or system stuff
  9. RampageGent

    gpu usage low

    my gpu rtx 2080 is always running at like 30-40 % on any game i have an i5 9600k so it shouldnt be getting bottlenecked but it is going at 80-90% usage ihave 8gb of ram that not all of them get used up and b360 d3h gigabyte motherboard the temps are all good ive checked can someone help thanks in advance