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  1. Ram is ddr4 2666 and I tired killing all background processes that didn’t do much I don’t think anything is overheating at least by looking at temps and feeling the air coming out the fans. the weird thing is sometimes it plays all games over 80 FPS then it goes to under 30 and I’ll reinstall the drivers and it goes back to good FPS for alittle bit. I’ll see if I can get the cpu and gpu temps and usage I did get a 1660ti to try and it dose the same thing as the rtx 2060 so I don’t think is a gpu issue and I use ddu everytime I delete and reinstall the drivers pic 1 is assassin‘s creed odyssey on high pic 2 is anthem on high gpu is the gtx 1660ti
  2. Hey everyone new here I have a problem with bad FPS pc ryzen 5 1600 2x8 ddr4 ram 250 ssd 500 hard drive asrock ab350 pro4 rtx 2060 750watt Power supply my FPS we’re getting bad so I used ddu and reinstalled the drivers the FPS came back for maybe an hour over 100 on every game then back to running at 15 to 35 so I had a gtx 1660 ti so I used ddu and installed the card the FPS were good for a full day then today were back to the under 35 I’m new to the pc gaming world the pc is my first I build myself and it worked great for a year with a gtx 1050 ti this all happened right after putting in the rtx 2060 any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated also sorry if this is the wrong place first time posting to a form