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  1. @BigRom Thank you for that link, i couldn't find something like that on my own. So it really appears to be another broken mainboard.
  2. @Windows7ge I used different Sets on RAM 1x 8GB DDR3 1600MHz from GSkill 2x 4GB DDR3 1600MHz from TeamGroup 4x 8GB DDR3 1600MHz from CorsairVengence (switched them Round, since the Board one has two DDR3 Slots) All sticks work perfectly in other systems.
  3. Hey guys, so this is actually my first post reaching out to the smart minds of the internet for a problem that should be easily solved, but i dont get it. I count on you. I bought an ASRock J3455M motherbord for my new project. Mount it in a nice case, connect everything up and then press start. Fans start spinning, but then, no signal on my monitor and that damn sound, the internal speaker shout 5 short beeps at me. Figure, I might have connect something wrong, so i replace all exchangeable parts (RAM, PSU, PCIe Cards & SSD) piece by piece. Always the same result. 5 short beeps during. Next step for me was to replace all the parts with known good parts from other computers, still the same. Figuring i might have bricked the boards with bad components, i tried all the parts i used in the beginning in other systems, resulting in them working perfectly. So i was sure that it was the motherbord. Due to the fact it being brand new, i replaced it over my reseller took the new one home, but you guessed it right. 5 short beeps on startup. No videosignal. I consulted the manual, which sadly didnt inclunde an explanation on errorcodes or common troubleshooting. I also consulted Dr. Google which led to many thread solving 5 beep problems for different board, and due to the fact all had a different issue, or were simply for other board from other brands. I wrote an email to the techsupport from ASRock but i still got no answer from them, so this is basicly my last resort. I thank everyone who puts efford into this for your help, and hope for the best. I will provide any information you may need. Greetings from Germany PS: The Fans run on low rpm when i press the power button, but once the 5 beeps occurr the speed up to max rpm.