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  1. I recently bought a new GPU which is the Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming OC White 8gb version. I was playing MGSV today when all of a sudden my computer started sounding like a jet engine. I immediately knew right away it was the GPU because of where the sound was coming from and the amount of air that was coming from the card. I ended the game and the fans were still running at 100% even from letting it sit for a few minutes it was still running full speed when no game was running.The only way to get the fans to be quiet is to shut the computer off and turn it back on as restarting it did not work either. I downloaded MSI Afterburner to see what the temps were and saw that the temperature of the GPU was only at 35c and dropping?! I tried adjusting the fan speed from MSI Afterburner and the fans would speed up to 100% just from me applying the fan settings that should've slowed them down. The fans were not responding to MSI Afterburner. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the card but that did not seem to work. Reseating the card did not work either. Should I return the card to amazon since this is the second card that has failed on me (first one caused green artifacts to appear all over the display). Or is there anything you can think of to fix this issue? I should mention that the card when running idle works perfectly fine and when I also tested it with furmark the fans would spin up and not go back down to a reasonable speed.