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  1. Hi, The problem: So i have started encoutering this weired promblem, where when im in a game, my USB ports will crash, so i cant use my Keybord, mouse or Headset. The game (and netflix on my second screen) will 8/10 times continue to run. And if im on Disord, I can stil see when my mates are talking in the overlay. I just cant press/do anything with my mouse and keybord or hear anythiong in my headset. I have only tried this occuring while I was not in a game once, otherwise only when im in a game, epecially just as im loading in to a map, both with and without anything running on my second screen. 9 out of 10 times I have to reboot the system, befor USB devices work again. Some times after 1-2 minuets Its like the USB port kick back in and I get the sound when you plug in a USB device. When it happens, I have noticed that when I pull out and replug in my keayboard, it dosent ligth up again even though it was before, when the error had occured, until i reboot the system. the PC is from late 2016 and its only with in the last 3-4 months i started encountering this problem What I have look into and tried: - CPU has ben running at bout 70-100% usage at 40-50 C* degrees when this happens. - There are no events logged in the windows security and maintenace logger under controlpanel - I have updated all USB drivers - Malwarebytes Last run today (17.06.2019) - I have tried unchecking the "turn of USB to save power" in the USB driver settings. PC specs: i5-6600k (not overclocked) (water cooled) 16 GB DDR4 ram GTX 1070 (updated today 17.06.2019) Asus z170 Pro Gamning MB I have a feeling that the problem stems from 1 of 3 reasons (but im not sure!): - CPU running af full capacity - USB hardware error - Malware or virus If anyone has any ideas on how to solve the problem or things i can do to get a better idea what is causing this problem, I would greatly appreciate the advice.