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  1. gabrielcarvfer

    Intel hit with another attack (SWAPGS)

    Meltdown, Spectre, Zombieload, Spoiler, Foreshadow, SWAPGS, RIDL and Fallout (MDS), ...
  2. gabrielcarvfer

    Great Physics News, will it work for water cooling?

    Welp, it's just 3M Novec (Der8auer has been making computers with this thing for years). It may reach end-users quite fast or may already be used by few companies that kept that as a secret.
  3. gabrielcarvfer

    AMD Exec: Nvidia fell for our pricing games hook, line and sinker

    The die thing is sound. AMD probably have the advantage in profit margins and could lower their prices even further. Dr. Lisa made it clear that AMD loved small dies on Computex.
  4. gabrielcarvfer

    Windows System Recovery hasn't been backing up since October

    Leaving an option is better tha removing features without alerting consumers, specially when is related to recovery/backup. Most people never check the state of the backup until they get a problem that requires the backup. Even companies do that kind of stuff. Compress the registry hives, and update once a week/month to OneDrive depending on the available upload bandwidth.
  5. gabrielcarvfer

    Windows System Recovery hasn't been backing up since October

    Meh, just let people logged into a Microsoft account to sync the backups to OneDrive and call it a day...
  6. If a defective product is not replaced, which as far as I know is kind of a standard procedure around the world, then I guess nobody should buy a Tesla in China. Applying warranty for normal wear and not production defect is completely non-sense from the business perspective, as batteries wear down much more frequently than they come out of manufacturing with defects and reach customers.
  7. If they were projected and tested for a certain capacity, it wouldn't be false advertising, just a production defect. If they don't recall the defective batteries, they will certainly get sued.
  8. gabrielcarvfer

    Time to Ditch Chrome??

    Just a reminder: Google also tracks you if you're using their DNS service (,
  9. Quite the opposite. You want a higher gain antenna and as many you can get. That will allow you to reduce transmission power, while keeping a similar range, with the benefit of reducing the interference with nearby cells. That's what mesh networks do, and this is why some of them are so bad.
  10. I saw that, laughed pretty hard when I read the fake papers. I do think that they deserve a prize for showing how absurd things get approved. It also reminded me that a few years ago that the Japanese government wanted to shut down the social science courses, which kind of make sense as all relevant social science studies come from big companies that have user data and can manipulate them to accurately measure how they behave. I've seen a few cases where there were repercussions, but none of the were in humanities.
  11. Completely agreed. There's a good reason for a ton of people to be pushing for open-source/open-data requirements.
  12. Professional journalism vs "professional" journalism: https://reason.com/2019/06/20/that-story-about-kids-growing-horns-because-of-smartphones-is-fake-news/
  13. AFAIK, you don't need to. If you do, good for you, especially if you want to pursue an academic career.
  14. If you were using 5GHz channels, it could be a reasonable idea, but I'm not sure how you would fit a good antenna array inside of a lightbulb. Also, I'm not sure if it would be good, as you would have a shit ton of beacons being transmitted, occupying your precious channels.
  15. Now I'm imagining engineers using raytracing to improve the LiFi performance and reliability...
  16. gabrielcarvfer

    We made the perfect gaming mouse and you can too - DIY

    Probably printer and material. Need some sanding, resin coating and polishing to get top-notch.
  17. TL;DR: YouTube should just charge people for a small subscription (e.g. US$1/month x 12 months a year x 2 billion users per month = 24 billion/year), get rid of the ads and show everything (except illegal content) for the people who want to see that.
  18. gabrielcarvfer

    We made the perfect gaming mouse and you can too - DIY

    Clickbait. =/
  19. gabrielcarvfer

    How can this phone last 16 days??

    Oh, come on, it's pretty cool. The only problem is the crappy refresh rate and lacking colors. Mirasol and hybrid LCD/e-ink displays (e.g. pixel Qi) were supposed to fix that, but seem to have failed quite spectacularly.
  20. gabrielcarvfer

    How can this phone last 16 days??

    Meh, Qualcomm had better IMOD MEMS displays, but abandoned the research. Mirasol was amazing. https://youtu.be/mSqRQTe-nZc
  21. gabrielcarvfer

    Google confirms some Android phones shipped with backdoor

    Just reminding that not that long ago people discovered that a modified version of Xcode was being distributed by torrent and it injected arbitrary code into the compiled code. Tons of apps distributed in the Apple store had the injected code.
  22. Haha, people even call him Tech Jesus. It's blasphemy, but kinda funny.
  23. The huge advantage Intel had for most of the time was that they were the company that determined the industry pace. They were always a few silicon nodes ahead, so no matter how much competitors changed their architecture, the wouldn't be such a huge threat to them as node advantage was huge. And then came 18 and 16nm. Intel could have gone the EUV path or continue their classic litography process. They seem to have made the wrong bet, while TSMC and Samsung went to EUV, using tooling provided by ASML, that proved to be much more reliable. Intel will probably loose some CPU market share until they can enter 10nm mass production and start sampling their smaller nodes. And as Dan said above, whatever new microarchitecture they're working on to fight AMD, will take at least a few more years to reach the market.
  24. gabrielcarvfer

    Apple Has Deprecated OpenAL in macOS 10.15 Catalina

    Good for you, but I didn't ask your reasons. It's a fact: macs are a bad choice nowadays, and they were not that bad a few years ago. If you need one, just use one. If you don't, you can get better stuff.
  25. gabrielcarvfer

    Apple Has Deprecated OpenAL in macOS 10.15 Catalina

    Who even uses Macs these days? Thermals are abysmal, keyboard is garbage, no Magsafe, donglefest, deprecation of open standards mean more trouble for cross-platform developers, overpriced, etc, etc.