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  1. Lead vault isn't really necessary. A Faraday cage is more than enough. The issue with phones is that they will try to compensate the low signal strength with higher transmission power, but at least it shields your home from neighbors Wi-Fi. Realistically speaking, I would be more concerned about plastics and cleaning products than low power radio.
  2. Local heating from radiowaves can cause harm. You might not get cancer, but you can get your leg/soft tissues cooked. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3609720/
  3. Pretty scummy. They (Unbox Therapy) even took down the review of the Pitaka case and DMCAed Pitaka for reuploading the review.
  4. Most people hate ads, especially intrusive ones, but they love stuff that works. Just reminding that Google, for example, actively sabotaged Firefox/IE/Edge/Windows Phone, especially breaking Gmail/Gdocs/YouTube. Google/Facebook and others are also known for tracking people with cookies, and if you disable them, the website might not work or work properly. To be fair, I don't mind targeted ads, if I'm solely tracked on the website of the manufacturer/reseller. E.g. if I want to buy a Surface, Microsoft can check what model is the best for me based on my spending, time working on office, time playing, etc. Amazon tracking similar products and suggesting others people bought along with the one you are looking. But Microsoft/Google/Facebook/others do that on every single website you open, for every single query, message you send, picture you take, stuff you type, where you click, where you visited, speeds that you move, documents you work, people you know and their info, etc, which is absolutely creepy and absurd.
  5. Pretty hard when they already infiltrated home screens, phone launchers, browsers, emails, online shopping, social networks, circumvent DNS blocking with DoH, etc. If people had any privacy, targetting ads would be pretty hard and they would probably make less money. As Steve Jobs said in the past, the amount of stuff to block manually in the internet is so big that it is easier to make whitelists than blacklists.
  6. I guess it still better than a few monopolies controlling the entire world. I would prefer big tech to be broken/split and lose some of their power. International Amnesty just recently released a report on privacy and human rights. (I'm not a huge fan of their work, as they are heavily biased, but the report is accurate) https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/pol30/1404/2019/en/
  7. It was just an automatic coupon checker, trying to find you the biggest discount from a pool of working coupons. It does work as advertised and they probably enter their affiliated code, getting a kickback.
  8. @Abeed.R "Object too deep for desired array" means that your data is probably not a 1D array. Try slicing your data to get the appropriate 1D array. You can do it with something like this: x = numpy.array([[0,0],]) print(x[:,0])# outputs [0] -> first column of the matrix print(x[0,:])# outputs [0,0] -> first row of the matrix
  9. General Purpose GPU a.k.a. GPU that is not limited to graphics processing.
  10. Firefox. It also is malware (e.g. Mr. Robot stupid extension), but it doesn't ship with Google code and that's a plus for me.