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  1. 9. Oh I love the actual keyboard in almost every sense. The wrist rest is great, the keys feel amazing to hit, it's just too loud and there's no dedicated macro keys. Two kind major things for me, hence why I'm getting an Elgato stream deck and already have an orbweaver to replace those missing macro keys. Though I'd still like something there because the games I love are things like WoW, ESO, Star Citizen, BDO and ARMA 2/3. Those keys mean the world to me. 12. It's not that I care so much for aesthetics, I mean I have soft tubing in my PC purely on the sense of easier to work with and replace. BUT having something that's just all in one area means more leg room, arm room, an ability to see and diagnosis problems a bit easier.. But I don't know the first thing of building desks and wondered if anyone might just have a market themselves for such a thing or any info I can work with on it. I love the 719 case from Phanteks but at the end of the day I'd like something something I can practically keep flush to a wall and give myself more room for VR. 13. True, just seems like the condenser I have now just is like a bad shower knob. Either fantastically hot or fucking freezing. No in between, and people hearing my PC fans, AC, or keyboard are just not in my list of things I care for in life. Dynamics SEEM to be the best solution but the videos I've seen it..it just looks like it moreso depends on HOW the mic is setup more than WHAT kind of mic? I'm savvy but nowhere near an expert. Hence why I have a mixer, knobs to let me adjust myself in real time, only problem is the more I take of my voice so people can hear me, the more they hear the background and it's caused me problems especially in ARMA and R6:Siege. 16. Because comparing an 8700K's gaming performance to even a 3950X says the 8700K is the better deal. BUT the 570 Motherboard I want has the 3.0 USB ports I want and the amount I want, but upgrading to a new CPU that isn't better even by 5% in gaming is just a hard no for me. And since I don't know what those thermals look like I don't know how it'll handle in my PC if it'll run hotter and make my PC louder or not too factors that issue. I mean 570 boards as is have fans on the chipsets. 17. God I regret saying "Just get a VIVE and Full Body Tracking the Index doesn't even have actual full finger tracking." Oh well... I can change that at least when it comes back in stock if I'm lucky. Thank you for the info.
  2. This is a bit of an oddity piece I guess you could say in my case. I have some luxury in my life and really need some advice because the project I have in mind is a bit much to say the least. My current PC is at least in my eyes under performing, and this stems to a lot of categories, mostly in that of having failed to measure a fourth time and say "maybe that won't fit.. and close." So I want to make a PC that can do a lot of things. And a lot of things fast and deathly silent along with integrate some features to it. My current PC looks like a hellish landscape of cables that is dire need of change, along with a good amount of trouble shooting and various solutions that need to form. The biggest frankly to me is design and space, then comes enclosure and sound. Cutting to the chase my PC looks like this: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/KV8Ycf Though with some VR added the end result: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NYMXV7 Problems with my PC of right now are pretty simple I'd figure I just don't have a whole lot of info to go on and could really use some. 1. Is there any way to integrate RGB fans into one controller and or software? Specifically 6 or 12 (desire to either keep my radiators in push or pull or doing both push and pull. I have 2 360 Rads.) 2. How hot does a 3900X or 3950X actually run? Should I consider an upgrade to a new radiator, and if so any recommendations? 3. If I were to only have USB 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 ports would there ever be any conflicts I might run into with standard USB 2 devices? I haven't seen any myself, but I get conflicting reports when it comes to VR especially with the HTC Vive's connections and currently my front camera on my Vive refuses to work in general with SteamVR. 4. Anyone know how to fix that, just the VIVE front camera not working with SteamVR, because it works with OBS just fine. No go to SteamVR though. Weird as hell. 5. If you have the experience, what would you rather choose an HTC VIVE or Vive PRO that's wireless or a Valve Index? 6. Does the Valve Index work with the VIVE Basestation 1.0s (would hate to lose those frankly.. Increase tracking at a lower cost.) 7. If you had a choice what would be the best camera setup for streaming and recording footage under 1,000.00 USD total, or should I ignore that cost factor for best class in the niche? 8. I hate speakers, I love the privacy and simplicity that a headset provides. So what DAC, Amp, Pre-amp, tube amp, or mixer would you recommend that can drive a Beyerdyanmic 990 PRO 250 Ohms? (I love punk rock and rap.) I also am looking to keep this down to one device if possible and under 1,000.00 USD. **Biggest kicker though is that I need the ability to separate audio tracks. So let's say I have a Valve Index, I want just the mic picking up on that "universal device" preferably as hardware too so I can make adjustments as necessary if I wanted to say have stream notifications be heard through my headset but not to everyone else in say a discord. And the ability to hear those people in discord, but not for my audience unless I wanted them to hear my discord. So essentially it would look something like: 1 Lane - Currently used Mic. 2 Lane - Currently used Headset 3 Lane - Discord 4 Lane - Music / Notifications 9. I hate the latest designs for most keyboards and mice being "lighter and faster" and having no real functionality outside of the "GAMING SPEED!" and love my Naga 2014 that finally died and got replaced as the Naga Trinity. I hate with a passion how loud my Razer Huntsman Elite is too and the lack of macros. I have never used Corsair peripherials, but the 95 Platinum looks amazing and the Scimitar is practically a prayer answered. Anyone actually use them though? How do they work in terms of software? Could I bind windows functions and macros into any key like I can with Razer? What about scripts? Because there's plenty I run in WoW from healing and reviving macros that tell the group who I'm reviving to things I'm selling/buying. I can't lose those features. I've also looked at the 815/915 Keyboards and G600 MMO mouse from Logitech and they look great too, but I remember Logitech's software being garbage and not even allowing the macro keys to work with anything then the defaults on my G933 headset.. Is that software any better or still garbage? 10. Who would you pick for water cooling? I've stuck with EKWB, but with Corsair's new line up EKWB just looks... dated? At least in the sense of software and keeping everything under 1 umbrella. I also have no idea if EKWB's Vardar fans work with Corsair's fan and rgb controllers or if I'd have any problem connection 6 RGB fans or 12 of them is that possible? 11. This will sound stupid considering anyone who has looked at my PC build... So I keep all my temperatures under 55C at all cost because EKWB says to keep them under 60C, how much of that is an actual problem? 12. If you had a choice/ability, what would you do? Build a PC in a case like the Phanteks 719, build in a desk, build a custom desk and enclosure for the PC or something else? I love the Phanteks 719 it's practically prefect in terms for functionality and flow. But a PC in a desk, c'mon it's awesome, but I'm wanting to also save space because VR so something that can take up so little space and basically fold up into nothing and still have my 3 monitors would be just as sweet. 13. When it comes to mics, what is better for vocals? Dynamic or Condenser? I have the Rode NT-1 (condenser) but I've been eyeing the Shure SM7B like everyone else, but my only real problem with my Rode NT-1 is the sound it picks up. I mean it's literally everything or nothing, I can't seem to get a level of consistency where it just picks up my voice and lets me come out clearly. At the same time though, turn off the fans (can't for the PC another reason I'm looking for silence so much) and then I can use it perfectly fine for VR as a mic since HTC VIVE's mic is garbage and same with the PRO. Too many plosives.. 14. For those who have 3 base stations instead of the standard 2 have you noticed any difference in your tracking in VR? 15. Would anyone happen to know a mount that can hold 3 27 inch monitors and be wall mountable? (I'm fairly certain I could do it with the one I currently have but...yeah I lost those connections when I threw out the box and didn't empty it.) 16. Should I wait for the next gen of AMD's CPUs? Sounds kinda stupid, but I have a lot of things connected to my PC. And that's the whole reason I am even considering this major update, purely just the USB connection ease and then the processing power for video and blender editing. I just also happen to be a gamer and really care about performance first and from the benchmarks I see the 8700K I have clocked at 5.1 competes against the 3900X in gaming to a point I'd rather wait for the next gen. At the very least I haven't been able to find benchmarks between the two overclocked. **Devices I have linked to my PC: Keyboard (2), Mouse + Mouspad (2), Orbweaver (1) [to be replaced by Elgato Stream Deck], Logitech Brio (1) [Definitely want to replace with a proper camera], Mixer (1), DAC (1), G933 Headset Wireless adapter (1), HTC Vive (1), HTC Vive Tracker Dongle (3) Total is: 12 USB ports in use. 17. Any chance anyone knows how to stop the grey flashing that happens to my HTC VIVE? it's plugged directly into my PC and GPU) No damages to the cables either. Current Concept PC: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/tgLbRk To anyone who was willing to read this wonderfully long piece. Thank you, and if you answer any questions I have, thank you a trillion times more.
  3. It took a moment for me to realize, and failed to delete my own post stupidity so slash and edit made.
  4. You say double, but I say I was too lazy to turn the AORUS software into a .gif because they're two separate pieces of update checks. I'm very tired. Mental ability degrading...
  5. I've seen that video, I frankly just couldn't really remember what were good temps, and I didn't want to factor out the one thing that has the highest temp in my system at the moment either. Signature reveals all my PC specs, so does Speccy (though I have no idea why it reads my RAM as 1600 instead of 3200..) Besides the point, Corsair HX 1200 Platinum.
  6. I'll make this brief as I can and then go into detail. Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 Ti WB ADATA SU800 1TB SSD GPU or SSD is either overheating, or something.. Latest drivers, windows, bios, everything is golden in software ends as far as I know and no OC on the card passed MSI Afterburner turning the power to 120%. Randomly I'll just crash the entire PC, no BSOD or reports, just black and reboots itself. GPU temps are around... 46-56C while gaming(prior to any tinkering sat around 33-42C). One of the SSDs I have though is just....weird. I thought maybe because it was so close to my PSU radiating heat and that's why it was so hot. Moved it, no reduction. It sits around 38-42C but the second I start a game, whether or not I have OBS running, discord, chrome, etc. It spikes to 50-62C and then the crash happens. EDIT: Forgot to mention, this crashing ONLY happened AFTER I did my "modifications" on my GPU. Opened the card to replace thermal paste with Conductonaut and then Kryonaut and some possibly better thermal pads. Temps were around 45C while playing BDO Remastered Ultra settings at 1440p. Pretty amazing frankly, but I wanted to be right at or under 40C and was hoping on Fujipoly Ultra Extreme XR-m Thermal Pads to be amazing. They were, at least in my case two purchases, two times I never got the product. So opt'ed for Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 because I already trust Thermal Grizzly for paste, and I didn't think it'd be a downgrade, but definitely not going to get me where I wanted to be. Anyways, look about and find out I might be able to ref EKWB's 2080 Ti blocks, but worried out of my mind because the AORUS Waterforce editions obviously aren't in their lineup for Gigabyte cards. The PCB diagrams don't appear different really at all though. Check with Gigabyte, standard response of "our specs are on our website" and not what I needed. So I used just those 1mm pads, figured it should be fine after looking closely at the pads I had thought to replace. Mosfets specifically, and the temps went sky high to 62C+ so added another strip ontop of the one already there, so 2mm on the mosfets, everything else is that 1mm. At this point I just want my temps back to normal... (At the moment the temps on the GPU while gaming are 45-56C) I want to RMA the card but this stupidity desire and a talk to Gigabyte later says I voided it.. Leaving me the thought of simply, "Okay so if opening the card is voiding my warranty, care to explain the thermal paste you included in the package with my GPU?" I don't care, I just need some help, if anyone knows thermal pads and sizes for this card I'd be extremely grateful. Also if there's any kind of info I can give on the SSD let me know or if anyone knows if this is a common thing, an RMA needed, or whatever, I'd love that info too. Thank you!