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  1. If I put it back will it cause same problem later ?
  2. You mean remove CMOS or replace it ?
  3. No nothing like that I haven't even opend case for 5-6 months it just suddenly stopped
  4. My desktop pc suddenly stopped working I press boot button no response I opened cabinet and noticed when I press button no fan are spinning nothing is working everything silent I tried few thing 1) checked PSU and its perfectly fine (connected 15-16 pin together and fan of PSU spin) 2) checked power on button on cabinet it work perfectly also ( tested it by connecting button to external Led circuit ) Whenever I switch on supply from board before even pressing power on button a light on Motherboard glows and that's it nothing else happens No fan spins , No beeps nothing boot up nor PSU fan nor CPU or GPU fan everything sits still What might be the problem Specs CPU - i3 2200 GPU - gtx 1050 PSU - xpro 500 watt
  5. My Gaming PC (ohh ! i don't even have one) sorry my Shitato laptop even gets Fungus all over it in Rainy days i have to specifically turn off trackpad because it was behaving randomly also water was coming out from it just Mumbai monsoon things ?????? Hope I win Because that's my only hope to play MHW and new iceborne ??
  6. My Laptop suddenly started behaving weirdly Right click of mouse continuously happening randomly Things I have checked 1) no problem with external mouse 2) no software problem (since I have both ubuntu and windows same problem persists in both os) What might be causing it Is it's short circuit or Loose connection in trackpad Or moisture since there lot of humidity in here Plz help
  7. Pushpak

    Cyberpunk 2077

    definitely, it will but we have to wait for sure since CDproject has a reputation of optimizing their graphic pretty well
  8. Go for Gt 1030 or gtx 750 Ti for lilttle higher performance but dont expect to run modern Titles because even if this gpus are capable of running them on low - med setting at 30 fps due to old CPU won't be able to cope up with the performance of those cards there will definitely be bottlenecking but both gpu will increase performance significantly over GT 710
  9. upgrading to 1660 won't improve performance significantly You better of with 1060 there only 10-15 % performance improvement you gain over 1060 which is not a good value for money since you will only gain 4-5 fps average . If you are going to upgrade it go with rtx card or 1660 Ti else just stick with 1060
  10. yes that is definitely a thing but I am more concerned with GPU I ran a few test I realize GPU does get hot when motherboard is given start signal and also fan on GPU spins but there isnt any display o/p So I am concerned if the GPU is faulty or not
  11. PSU is actually very old and whole system is old actually i3 2100 4 Gb ram Gtx 1050 2 gb mini Psu is from my older Pc it had Pentium 4 and Gt 210 with 2 gb ram
  12. Yes I intend to replace it immediately and will get something good with 24 pin
  13. everything else Seems fine to me because PC run no problem without GPU but I will verify everything one more time since 20 pin connector wasnt noticed until now