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  1. I think that's the only itx motherboard with double m.2 drives so there may have been other reasons.
  2. Not according to the manual.
  3. That sums up, 16 are for the GPU, 4 are for the front SSD, 4 for the chipset and they needed to take the 4 for the other SSD.
  4. That is not the case for both Asus motherboards, they share lanes with the GPU if M2_2 slot is used: Had it not been like that I would have gone with the B450, but since I'm getting a case with a USB type C gen 2 it's even an easier choice to go with Intel at this point. Thanks for the help.
  5. X570 is out of the question due to active cooling which is the first point of failure for me, if those fans were replacable then OK, but all of the seem proprietary. I intego to go 60 fps for now, but may be upgrading to 1440p or 4K at some point so that would be a bottleneck when I want to go wih two SSDs and I prefer the bottleneck to be on the chipset side than on the GPU side and I woun't be using such fast drives as Samsung. I was looking at ASUS ROG Strix X470-i and B450-I, but both share bandwisth with the GPU if the rear drive is used. Had it not been for that I would have had a 2600X with the B450-i.. Currently I'm looking at the Z390-i with 9600K as it does not limit the GPU and has an internal USB Gen 2 type C. PS. Now you have me thinking whether I really should go for B450-i and the GPU limited...
  6. I've already thought about it and the ITX motherboards I was aiming at split the GPU PICe bandwidth with the NVMe SSD and the X570 has a chipset fan, and that's even more concerning that the STIM, so AMD is out of the question for me. What is more intereseting, Zen 2 costs almost the same as Intel 9th gen in Poland and since I want it only for gaming I will go with it. Besides, high end motherboards have USB type-C, which is still rare on not present for AMD of this form factor.
  7. I intend to use an aftermarket cooler from the start (Dark Rock Slim), I just wanted to avoid the solder cracking problem (as only th K versions use it), or maybe to just get some peace of mind when I use a CPU with it, since the dies are smaller that those on older CPUs. What do you mean by normal maintenance? Thermal paste replacement and not getting it to heat up too much?
  8. Hi All, I want to buy a 9600K for my gaming PC, but I have been somewhat concerned about the CPU solder reliability for some time after reading this article: https://overclocking.guide/the-truth-about-cpu-soldering/ . I know it's an old one, but it's still physics and the die size is smaller than Ryzen, so the latter may be less susseptible to that kind of damage. I may be over exagerating, but as I intend to use it for 4+ years I want to know the opinion of more knowledgable and experienced people. What do you think? Is it a valid concern and I should get a 8600K with thermal paste? I would like the clock speeds of the 9600K though and I do not want to delid. Or maybe get a 9700 non-K and also forget about it entirely? PS. I do not intend to overclock, maybe after 3 years, but I will see how it performs, but that's unlikely as I want to play only on 60 fps.
  9. Sharpman85

    RMx 750W vs SF 750W

    Thank you, that is what I was looking for.
  10. Sharpman85

    RMx 750W vs SF 750W

    Thanks, that was very informative. What about the 9700K? Is it similar in terms of power requirements? I will decide once the Ryzen 3xxx series gets their prices in my requion and when the itx motherboards are available whether I will go with the 3600X or the 9600K.
  11. Sharpman85

    RMx 750W vs SF 750W

    I've been thinking about the SFX PSU which you suggested while looking at the power calculator and do you know if the Corsair SF600 Platinum will be enough since load wattage from outervision is calculated at about 433W. I don't intend to overclosk and will most likely be using the 2060 Super along with a Ryzen 3600X or a 9700K. What do you think?
  12. Sharpman85

    RMx 750W vs SF 750W

    Ok, so now I gen start considering 650W PSUs as I do not plan to do any overclocking and the second connector isn't needed. Although the RMx 650 is the same price as the 750.. For the parts I want to use the SF 600 should also be OK. Does a SFX make such a big difference in the H200?
  13. Sharpman85

    RMx 750W vs SF 750W

    pointless feature, spinning fan is fine as long as it's not audible (i.e. low RPM) Other PSUs have a faster RPM and are more audible when the power draw is above 50%, I know it's relative, but it's important to me. which is stupid. Each of these cables and connector on a board can push at least 350W of power. You're not hitting that without going HEDT (X299/X399) with some really strong coolling (custom loop, or huge AIO the case wont ever fit) I agree, but why do some motherboards have double connectors? Maybe I'm overthinking it and so far no ITX ones have it but I plan to use it for 5+ years so I would like to play it safe in that regard.
  14. Sharpman85

    RMx 750W vs SF 750W

    I intend to use a 3600X or 3700X along with the 2060 Super so it may be overkill, but I want to use the passive mode when not gaming and two CPU power connectors are not on any 650W PSU from Corsair, which are the quietest ones.
  15. Sharpman85

    RMx 750W vs SF 750W

    What about the noise? Is it a lot louder? Is there a difference in quality?