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  1. nothing in the proceses but it think i fixed the input lag part which has been annoying me more than fps drops. ill post an update here in a day to see if i really fixed it and ill explain how. basically input lag and fps drops are 2 completly seperate problems as i just figured out
  2. no no shock. but i already tried a differentgpu i got a zotac 1070 amp edition and i had the same problem as with my 1060. so i can confirm that its not gpu and yeah i will do that where ill test it and return the component
  3. ill get a ryzen7 2700x and a b450 to try it with that if not my next move is to replace the hdd or the psu or even maybe the ram ill see what i can do but i just want someone to tell me exactly what it is so i dont have to replace part by part but that aint happening i guess
  4. yh thats the problem i returned my 1070 and i dont wanna spend more money just to test it ill prob get a ryzen7 2700x and a b450 to try it with that if not it should be hdd psu or ram so ill heck that also. dont have any friends with the pc they are all on ps4
  5. okay so ive got this big problem with my pc. ive talked to alot of people and nobody has come up with a solution.im runnin a i5 7400 4core 4 thread stock 3.0ghz turbo boost 3.5ghz , and a msi 1060 6gb oc version, h110m-dgs mobo, 8gb ddr4 2400mhz ram, 600w zalman psu and a toshiba 7200rpm 1tb hddthe problem is that im gettin alot of fps drops in games like my pc drops about 30 or 40 frames. for example. im playing rainbow six siege and im getting 70-80 fps on low to medium settings.but heres a catch. when i reinstall my gpu drivers my fps goes to 110- 130 everything maxed.but then after like 30mins of playing for like an hour or 2 (its really unpredictable) it goes back to 70 to 80fps on low settings.not only my fps drop ive got some micro sutters goin on aswell as some input lag with it.ive tried fresh install of windows tried changing the drivers, ive monitored the temps they are all fine im not thermal throtling, tried updating motherboard bios aswell.i really dont know what to do its come to a point where i was about to take my pc and my phone and go out and rec a drop test on 20feet.all the things ive tried:-disabled fast boot-updated mobo bios-replaced thermal paste on my cpu and gpu-tried to change some of the nvidia control panel settings-changed windows power settings to performance mode-freshinstalled windows with formated drive-changed hdmi cable-disabled superfetch (sysmain)-reinstalled drivers with ddu-changed the driver vewrsion million times-tried to overclock, underclock my gpu-cleaned my case-my vsync and stuff like that is not on- i dont have nvidia experience downloaded but tried to optimise games with that aswell-no updates are runnin in the background-ran a memtest86 it was all clear-ran a stres test on my gpu-cleaned ram cache- created a second user on my pc to test on it -tried to disable nvidia speedstep in the biosps. i monitored the graphs in msi afterburner and the second my pc starts to drop performance my cpu usage skyrockets and gpu usage starts to run inconsistantly, as i said i fix it with reinstallin the gpu drivers but only for a hour or something like that its unpredictable.gpu temps are runnin around 65degrees and cpus runnin around 55.usage on Rocket League2015 - cpu 60-80% gpu 60%usage on rainbow six siege 2015 - 100%cpu 90%gpuusage on fortnite- 100%cpu 90%gpusounds like a cpu bottleneck but would it cause input lag and if it were the cpu bottleneck why would it fix itself for a short period of time after i reinstall my gpu drivers?is there something like gpu cache that is building up or idk. ill try to bring this to nvidia or someone aswell.if you could help in any way possible i would very much appreciate it. Ty in advance.this is the point where the "switch" happens where after 30mins of gaming after i reinstalled the gpu drivers my pc starts to act up again .
  6. karibo

    fps drops, stutters, input lag

    mhm okay i returned he 1070 and will prob get a 2700x here in a month. i watched some vids and stuff even jayztwocents video seems like 270px isnt even bottlenecking a 2080ti so i think i might be good after that. i was thinking between r7 2700x or i5 9600k but i think ill be better of with 2 extra cores and 10 extra threads
  7. like when i rejnstall the drivers im runnin smoothly with stable fps but its just out of nothing it begins to fuck itself up and messes the framerates that never go back only if i reinstall the drivers see where my pointer is. rhat part runs smoothly on normal fps and then just out of nowhere starting from that spike little on the right of the mouse pointer it started screwing with my fps u can see the usage goin up
  8. no it didnt work fine it worked same as in my pc. thats the weird part that my old gpu didnt work as itended on his system and now my new gpu doesnt work well on mine. i think the only conndctikn here might be the cpu also i can send some photos of cpu usage spiking when that drop in fps happens
  9. temps are okay like 62c, hdd should be okay my friend tested thr gpu on his system with a ssd and different psu
  10. tried i still had the issue. im starting to think its ekther my cpu bottlenecking or a faulty 10series cards couse this happened with both my 1060 and 1070
  11. yh i do. msi afterburner
  12. mhm i did that every time after a fresh install of windows i would turn that off and go reinstall my drivers with ddu so yeah
  13. karibo

    fps drops, stutters, input lag

    yh but then again i have a friend who has a 1060 6 gb and a i5 8500 and hes havin the same problems i think. and i5 8500 is not a bad processor in any means shouldnt bottleneck at all
  14. karibo

    fps drops, stutters, input lag

    mhm i check that everytime before i start my game
  15. karibo

    fps drops, stutters, input lag

    ive figured that out when j mknitored the gpu that my discord keep my card at like 600mhz constantly on desktop ive disabled the acceleration and they were all closed completly. only thing i had running is steam, and windows defender